The Hawaii-Pacific Tennis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization committed to individual accomplishment and community improvement through the teaching and promotion of tennis, pickleball.

Providing tennis lessons, pickleball lessons for kids and adults, the Foundation strives to meaningfully touch as many individuals as possible by enriching lives, expanding opportunities and promoting commitment to the community through the sport of tennis.

The benefits of tennis include more than just a healthy and fun way to exercise, but also a way to enhance the mind and spirit through discipline and camaraderie on and off the court through:

The Foundation programs rely on grants from private donations and in-kind volunteer support to fund its initiatives to enhance the community. The Foundation’s mission is:

To change lives, we must inspire hope, create opportunities, and places for excellence to flourish.

Tennis is for everyone. It offers a fun, active, healthy and social lifestyle for all ages. In particular it provides an attractive alternative to drugs, gangs and violence to impressionable youngsters.

To achieve its mission, the Foundation has identified three overreaching themes that guide its youth programs:

  • To engage children in activities which instill self-esteem and discipline
  • To provide opportunities for children to improve their academic performance and make choices that enrich their lives; and
  • To provide opportunities for talented athletes to develop their tennis and academic skills to a level where they can pursue college scholarships.

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