Can I Play Pickleball After Hip Replacement? Things To Note

Pickleball is a fascinating and thrilling sport that everyone likes. The straightforward regulations and being easy on joints make it a perfect choice for you to stay healthy and experience enjoyment with others.

Yet, you have recently replaced your hip, so you are worried about the chance of playing this sport. Can I play pickleball after hip replacement? Let’s scroll down to learn more details.

Can I Play Pickleball After Hip Replacement?

Yes, pickleball may be played by people who have had hip replacements. This sport is a low-impact activity that can be practiced successfully with a hip that has been replaced. That said, it’s best to discuss this with your doctor first since each individual’s condition is unique. 

Can I Play Pickleball After Hip Replacement

Choose shoes with a strong grip to avoid sliding or dislocating your hip. Getting yourself warmed up beforehand, and stretching exercises can also help lessen the chance of hip or muscle injuries. 

How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Play Pickleball?

How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Play Pickleball

Playing pickleball after hip replacement

The good news is that you can play pickleball after your hip replacement operation. However, you need to note several timelines.

The initial year following an operation to replace a hip can be difficult. It’s a time for healing, treatment, and returning to what you enjoy. It’s critical to tackle your comeback to the sport with prudence and slow advancement.

In the period of the first several months following surgical procedures, you will probably have to concentrate on undergoing physical therapy and regaining power and flexibility of motion. It’s critical to heed their advice and avoid pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

After you heal, you can prepare to begin playing this sport in a more controlled manner. Most patients can start playing pickleball again after six months of operation, but it may require a year or more to develop enough muscle tone and coordination to experience pleasantness.

Still, the path to recovery is not easy for anybody who has undergone such a big surgery. Each activity following the process must be meticulously planned and executed to ensure an individual’s recovery. 

Steps To Ensure Pickleball Comeback After Hip Replacement

Pickleball is a well-favored activity, whereas returning to the court after a hip replacement may be tough.

Most people might still love competing in pickleball after taking hip replacement with proper planning and supervision. There are a couple of actions to take to guarantee a fun and safe return:

Consult To The Doctor

Consult To The Doctor

Follow your doctor’s advice

If you want to exercise physical activity following surgery, consult your doctor for personalized advice regarding when to begin and how much physical activity is suitable.

However, certain measures must be taken ahead of time. After a hip replacement operation, patients must hold off until authorized by the medical professional before engaging in any activity or exercise.

Play At The Basic Level

It is essential to slowly get back into playing pickleball after replacing your hip to prevent irritating or threatening damage in the area surrounding the newly installed hip implantation.

You need to go jogging briefly to improve your muscle and self-assurance before moving on to simple exercises.

You can make certain adaptations before heading out to the field, such as adopting a compact paddle or reducing playing time, based on their circumstances.

Keep An Eye On The Physical Health

If you have any issues, get medical assistance from a healthcare professional as soon as possible so that they can properly analyze the problem and change their treatment strategy as necessary. Please, inform them of your discomfort and begin a physical treatment program.

Keep An Eye On The Physical Health

Physical therapy

Things To Avoid While Playing Pickleball After Hip Replacement

Guaranteeing your safety when engaging in sports following a hip replacement is necessary. To minimize further damage or anxiety, begin your comeback to pickleball slowly and gradually.

One of the fundamental sins of recuperating from a major procedure is attempting to hasten the healing process. When you desire to recover completely, you must always stay patient. Otherwise, you may call it quits on your pickleball game.

Playing excessively aggressively early on is another blunder that should be prevented, regardless of cost. We understand that you’ve been waiting calmly and are happy to come back; nevertheless, your body requires some time to adapt. Alternatively, you risk injuring yourself once more.

Things To Avoid While Playing Pickleball After Hip Replacement

Some don’ts when making a comeback

When you have extensive surgery or a hip replacement, you must accept that constant rehabilitation has become essential. You will forfeit all of your advancement when you choose to stop it.

When dealing with or striking shots, it is recommended not to employ excessive angles. This option will assist in lessening pressure on the hip while still providing force for each hit. It is crucial to adhere to these principles to avoid harm and recover properly.

All of the suggestions mentioned above must be followed suit before starting pickleball after the operation to replace the hip, ensuring one can take in all of its perks without concern regarding possible health danger.

How Does Pickleball Affect The Hips?

How Does Pickleball Affect The Hips

Effect of pickleball on the hip

Pickleball helps develop a range of motion and power for the hip. It additionally assists in building core muscles, which helps to stabilize the hips along with other muscle groups like the ankles and knees.

The activity requires a lot of rotating and downward motion, hip endurance, and pelvic stabilization. 

This action is especially useful for those with arthritic hips since it relieves rigidity in the joints and keeps the cartilage and bones from grinding in opposition. 

The players in pickleball acquire greater stability when they make fast changes from one side to another during games, which helps prevent fall-related damage, especially in aging persons who might have compromised equilibrium owing to medical disorders such as osteoarthritis.

Furthermore, there is a decreased risk of acquiring joint discomfort or disease compared to sports requiring higher degrees of physical interaction.

Pickleball promotes circulation and functions as a therapeutic sport, improving hip function generally. Playing this sport daily helps people keep healthy hips, avoid damage, and encourage a balanced way of life.


What Sports Can You Play With A Hip Replacement?

You can participate in a variety of sports. 

What Sports Can You Play With A Hip Replacement

Cycling is a great alternative

Swimming is a great alternative for those who have had an operation to replace their hips since it is effortless on the bones and cartilage. Another great option is double tennis, which may be played at a lesser speed than solo tennis. 

Cycling is another moderate-impact activity that can increase hip flexibility and muscular strength. It’s an excellent opportunity to exercise and appreciate the beautiful outdoors.

Yoga and pilates are mild workouts emphasizing strength, endurance, mobility, and equilibrium. They may be modified to meet hip precautionary measures while also improving the range of motion of the hip, abdominal stability, and general body endurance.

What Sports Are Off Limits After A Hip Replacement?

When recovering following a replacement hip operation, an essential thing to remember is to refrain from high-impact sports like leaping and sprinting. These actions may put excessive stress on the newly installed joint, exacerbating existing problems or bringing new injuries. 

Marathon, high jump, broad jump, weight-lifting, or carrying weights are typically not recommended after hip replacement.

In addition, several activities with a lot of twisting, such as basketball and volleyball, can take a toll on  your hip and raise the chance of dislocating.

What Activities Are Prohibited After Hip Replacement?

Prevent excessive hip flexion: Aging individuals, especially after hip replacement, should refrain from extending the hip beyond an angle of 90 degrees, raising the back of the knee beyond the hip level, or sitting on deeper or lower seats when they form a high-knee posture.

Avoid twisting motions: specific movements might increase your chances of dislocating your shoulder. Spreading your legs and turning are a few instances.

Can I Play Pickleball With Artificial Knees?

Probably, yes. The general assumption indicates that many individuals can return to sports six months after surgery.

Knee surgeries can have a big influence on your ability to play pickleball. 

Because artificial elements in virtually all kinds of knee replacements could raise the likelihood of injury, participants should undergo extra measures while enjoying pickleball after getting a knee replacement.


Can I play pickleball after hip replacement? Pickleball may be played after an operation on the hip with the proper care and instruction. To limit the likelihood of injury, begin cautiously and gradually raise the difficulty level of your athletic endeavors while maintaining good posture and execution. 

Furthermore, wear adequate apparel and utilize suitable gear for safeguarding your hip. Keeping these concerns in mind, you may resume enjoying pickleball.

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