Can You Hit A Pickleball With Your Hand? – The Detailed Answer

Pickleball participants must adhere to certain guidelines. These regulations are in place to make the competition fair and organized. Following the rules also contributes to preserving the sport’s standards of conduct, which guarantees all participants respect one another and the game.

Being a newbie of pickleball, you still wonder: Can you hit a pickleball with your hand? In this blog, let’s describe how to strike a pickleball properly and when you may use your hands.


Can You Hit A Pickleball With Your Hand?

The simple answer is nope. Pickleball cannot be struck with your hand in most circumstances. Official regulations prohibit intentionally striking pickleball with your hand or any aspect of your body other than the racket throughout the match.

You are also not permitted to touch the surface of the court or the net when striking the ball. Consistently doing this during play is deemed an unlawful stroke and will probably lead to a point punishment for your opponent. 

In games, however, accidentally hitting the pickleball with your hand is not deemed an unlawful stroke. In such instances, the ball will be ruled dead and given again at the same courtside.

Can You Hit A Pickleball With Your Hand?

Players frequently attempt to grab the ball midair, figuring it is out of bounds and should not be touched. This action is against the regulations and must be avoided. Allow the ball to move around on the court if you believe it is out of reach. The opposing team will immediately forfeit a point.

What Happens If A Pickleball Hits Your Hand?

If a player hits the ball and it contacts their opponent’s body or clothes, it usually counts as a fault. The only exception is if the ball acquires your arm below the wrist. 

In this situation, you can return the ball as usual, and it will stay in play. It’s best to use your pickleball paddle to strike the pickleball. 

Even if no one notices, it is critical to call a defect in pickleball. By flagging a fault, you are proving yourself honest and exhibiting truthfulness, a pillar of any sport. You must report the ball as a fault if you strike the ball with your hand.

Aside from that, a pickleball hitting your hand increases the likelihood of you twisting or injuring your wrist in an attempt to strike it with your hand. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with accidentally hitting the pickleball with your hand.

Why Is It Not Allowed To Hit The Pickleball With Your Hand?

Pickleball does not enable you to strike the ball with your hand. It will not only result in a mistake, but it will additionally lead to a decrease in the speed of the ball and not having enough strength to get through the goal correctly.

To guarantee a fair game, you must call a fault on yourself when you make a mistake and strike the ball with your hand. 

Why Is It Not Allowed To Hit The Pickleball With Your Hand

It’s vital to remember that if your paddle-wielding hand connects to the ball below the wrist, it’s not a mistake. It is correct if the palm of your hand kept gripping the paddle when you struck the ball. 

Your fingers, thumb, and palm are located below your wrist. And the area above your wrist is known as your forearm.

Catching the ball in midair and alleging that it would travel out of bounds is also deemed a mistake in pickleball. Regardless of how fast or powerful the ball is, you must enable it to rotate on the court. If the ball falls out of the boundaries, the team of players that hit it loses the rally.

Finally, the safety of all participants ought to constitute one of the top objectives of any sport. By prohibiting hand hits in pickleball, everyone involved is secure and competent to enjoy this enjoyable and engaging game. There is no danger of physical hurt or personal possessions damage.

How To Avoid A Hit With Your Hand In Pickleball?

How To Avoid A Hit With Your Hand In Pickleball

Here are some pickleball strategies to prevent striking with your hand:

  • Wear protective equipment, like gloves or wrist guards, to keep your hands safe when playing pickleball.
  • Learn and practice good technique while striking the ball back and forth across the net to avoid relying on the palms for assistance or command during play.
  • Learn court placement and footwork so you can move into position fast without using your hands instead of your paddle or racket to make contact with the ball.
  • Always maintain your sights on the ball to predict where it will go before it arrives, allowing you time to react correctly without needing to use your hands in frustration at the last possible moment as a last resort tactic against an approaching shot from an opposing player.
  • Keep an eye on the distance between your opponent and their paddle while ensuring you strike the ball with enough force to get to the other side of the playing surface without harm.


Can You Hit A Pickleball With Your Body?

The straightforward answer is no. Pickleball can only be struck with the paddles or the hand wielding the paddle below the wrist. This rule implies you can’t use any body area to attack a pickleball. You will lose a point if you attempt to do so.

What Is An Illegal Hit In Pickleball?

What Is An Illegal Hit In Pickleball

In pickleball, the border between legal and unlawful serves is razor-thin. Overhand strokes, Examples of the proper form include extending your arm above your waist and keeping the paddle head aligned with your wrist. Are prohibited. Using a server that takes longer than 10 seconds is also forbidden.

As a pickleball player, you must remain mindful of prohibited hits. This way, you will avoid committing mistakes and losing points. The most important illegal collision in pickleball occurs when the ball strikes the player’s body or clothes before bouncing. This situation is seen as a mistake on the player’s side, who was attacked. 

If you are struck by a ball wholly or partially already in play, it is deemed your fault. This action is true even if it simply brushes spanning your hair. 

Second, a player is prohibited from attempting to seize the ball when claiming it is out of bounds. Also, hitting the ball through the net rather than over the net is deemed unlawful, and you will forfeit a point. The same applies to each ball that strikes a side post, fence, or other nearby object.

What Happens If The Ball Hits Your Foot?

It makes no difference where the ball strikes you in play – your foot, clothes, head, or even simply your hair. Except for hitting the part of the hand below the wrist, everything counts the same. If the ball strikes a player or something on their physique, it is no longer in play, and the server receives a point.

The other exemption is if the ball reaches your side of the playing surface and bounces before striking you anywhere other than your hand below the wrist. In this case, most people believe the ball is still in play. Hence no points are awarded.

What Are the Three Things You Should Know About Pickleball Serves?

To obey the laws of how to legally pickleball serve and avoid three of the most typical pickleball serving blunders, include the following points into your game: 

Both feet must be behind the baseline and not contact it in any manner. Volley serves must be underhand, while drop serves must allow the ball to fall to the court and bounce before making contact.

The ball must never fall in the non-volley zone, which encompasses the non-volley line and must be delivered into the quadrant orthogonal from you.

Is It Important In Pickleball To Hit Intentionally?

In pickleball, it does matter if the hit is purposeful. When a player purposely strikes the ball, they attempt to determine where it goes and what angle it takes. 

It can provide them with an unfair advantage over their opponent. Accidental impacts are permitted as long as they are neither disruptive nor hazardous.


This blog details “Can you hit a pickleball with your hand?”

Hitting a pickleball with the hand is not encouraged and should be avoided. It will be considered a fault if you strike it with a portion of your hand above the wrist. In addition, if the ball hits any other part of your physique, you will be penalized. 

As a result, using a suitable paddle or racquet is the safest method to hit a pickleball. Don’t worry if the ball touches the palm of your hand below the wrist; it’s not against the rules.

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