Can you play pickleball after botox?” is the question many pickleball lovers raised after having botox injections. 

This article will help you resolve that concern. By providing basic information about botox, its benefits, and its operation, we will then work together to answer the above query.

Without delay, let’s dive in!

What Is Botox?

Botox is a protein created by Clostridium botulinum (C. botulinum) when the Botulinum toxin spores transform into another structure with the increase in cell population.

The Botulinum toxin is extremely dangerous as, according to the record, one gram of it can kill one million people, and a couple of crystalline kilograms can cause the death of every human on our planet.

With that severe danger, why is Botox still used prominently? Following the US Food and Drug Administration organization (FDA) report, Botulinum toxin is safe and has healing effects if it is used in small amounts in a therapeutic context. 

However, it will still cause several side effects, so injecting Botox into your body should only proceed under the close follow-up and evaluation of the doctors.

Botox is of great help both in the health and beauty area. It can reduce eyelid spasms and wrinkles due to aging and alleviate migraines, bladder disorders, excessive sweating, muscle paralyzation, and nerve disorders.

There are many types of Botox on the market, but the most common ones are Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Myobloc, and Jeuveau. Each of them has different effects, but people usually call them “Botox” as a general name.

What Is Botox
Botox is used widely in medical as well as beauty areas

How Long After Botox Can You Do Sport?

Although botox is convenient and reputable with its quick effect, it comes with several precautions, and refraining from physical activities is one of them.

The reason behind this restriction is that the quick, continuous, and ballistic movements will create velocity and power, which cause the injected area to move around and make the result unexpected.

While some people have zero hesitation to skip a workout session, others might have a strict training schedule and wonder whether they should skip it.

To be clear, staying away from physical activities is a must-do action you need to follow after a botox injection since working out too soon will mess up the result.

The rule for workout schemes is to avoid all exercises for at least 24 hours. Within that time, try to maintain your body with minor movements.

Then, you must wait for the next three days before returning to rigorous and extensive workout activities. Light exercises are all right during this time, but avoid any movements that require quick flexion or bouncing.

Advanced yoga postures should be avoided, too, as they contain many movements in different planes, which makes the muscles move and cause the botox to migrate.

Can You Play Pickleball After Botox?

You can take part in a pickleball match after botox treatment within a suitable period when the chemical is fixed in the injected places to work.

Do not head to the pickleball court and participate in a competition right after the treatment. It will reduce the influence of the substance, push it out of the pointed places, or even cause side effects.

You should give it enough time to stabilize and exert its effect. Regarding the suitable timeline, continue reading the section below.

Can You Play Pickleball After Botox
You are able to participate in pickleball game after the Botox settles on injected muscles

How Soon Can You Play Pickleball After Botox?

As mentioned above, it is suggested that we only participate in sports activities 24 hours after the botox injections and another three to four days for rigorous exercises. The same recommendation is for an intensive sport like pickleball. 

There are many reasons why we should follow the above timeline. Firstly, undertaking strenuous sports right after the botox treatment will put more pressure on the injected muscles.

The strain from rigorous sports equipment or tools like skiing or swimming goggles, cycling helmets, etc., or the natural acts like wiping sweat might unintentionally cause the botox to move to other places.

The second reason is that practicing sports with constant movements will increase blood flow. In normal situations, this is considered a good effect as the fast circulation will help speed up human metabolism.

However, this is not the case with Botox. The growth in blood flow will dilute the injectable and push it away from the treatment place, reducing the effectiveness of the substance.

For the above reasons, if you plan to take a shot of Botox at lunchtime and join a pickleball match in the afternoon, remove that thought from your mind.

Precautions While Playing Pickleball After Botox Injection 

Following the above recommendation, the ideal time to participate in the pickleball match after botox injection is three to four days, depending on each individual.

However, to ensure that the botox can be effective for your needs, the experts have suggested several precautions as below and highly recommend the injectors to follow.

Firstly, gently warm up your body. It would help if you focused on stretching and activating the major muscle groups like the shoulder, back, hamstring, etc., rather than doing facial exercises.

Do not suddenly jerk your head or continuously bounce up and down during the warm-up. These movements impact the substance if it is not fixed in the injected area yet.

Carefully move your body as well as avoid squinting, scowling, or raising your eyebrows. Control your motion to lower the risk of affecting Botox’s effectiveness.

A sweat-absorbing headband or a hat should be prepared in advance as pickleball is usually played outside. It will help reduce sweat on your face and control the facial motions and tension when you look up.

Finally, remember to drink enough water before the match to prevent muscles from contracting, increasing the influence of Botox.

Precautions While Playing Pickleball After Botox Injection
A hat is essential to avoid sunlight

Useful Tips To Play Pickleball Safely After Botox

Refer to several useful tips below to enjoy the pickleball after taking the Botox treatment while maintaining its effect.

Cautiously move your body with mindful motions. Minimize intense actions like twisting, bending, or dinking during the play to limit the tension. 

Another suggestion is to use light paddles, which weigh around 200 grams. A lightweight paddle not only helps reduce the arm pressure and strain on your shoulders from swinging movements but also protects you from injury, stabilizing the value of Botox.

Wearing sun protection clothes such as hats or sunglasses can help you protect the injected area, too. These outfits will prevent the muscular strain on your face when you come into contact with the sun’s brilliant light.

Last but not least, listen to your body. Do not disregard any pains or discomfort signals of your figure if you feel soreness and too much strain on the muscles.

Take interval breaks from one to three minutes during the competition and let your body relax. Drinking water to prevent muscle contractions is also a helpful tip to follow.


What Positions Should You Avoid After Botox? 

You should avoid touching the treatment areas after having a Botox shot. These include your neck, lower back, etc., if you are taking Botox as a way to reduce pain.

In case you are using it as a beauty treatment, do not touch your face. Staying away from make-up and skin therapy for a few days and patiently waiting for the botox to settle. Then, you can freely impact these positions without hesitation.

Why Can’t You Do Sports After Botox? 

After a botox shot, the doctors always remind you to minimize your movements. That is because a minor motion can cause the substance to migrate to another place instead of staying in the injected point.

Even the most moderate activity, like jogging, can cause muscle migration. Therefore, eliminate moving and not do sports after this treatment to ensure you can get the most ideal result.

What Exercise Can You Not Do After Botox?

You should stay away from every kind of sport, even the modest, impactful ones such as walking and jogging. 

Within the 24 hours, avoid any sports with many movements or intensive actions like running, cycling, gym, aerobics, contact sports, floor-based exercises (yoga), and so on. 


At the end of this article, you can answer the question “Can you play pickleball after botox?” initially. 

The response is No, you should not participate in pickleball after botox. The non-compliance will reduce the substance’s effectiveness as well as cause unexpected side effects.

Try to abstain from pickleball matches for three to four days to utilize the botox. After that, you are free to enjoy the play.

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