Can You Play Pickleball On The Beach? – How To Work It Out?

Blue sea, golden sunshine, and fresh air is an ideal place for sports matches between relatives and friends to take place. Can you play pickleball on the beach? The sport cannot be missed in fun gatherings like these.

This blog is just the answer you need, with a how-to setup. Its advantages and disadvantages and what you need to know to have safe matches. Do not miss this useful information bearing the scent of the sea and golden sands!

Can You Play Pickleball On The Beach?

Can You Play Pickleball On The Beach?

Pickleball can still be played on the beach with some rule changes

The answer is nearly no. But you can not play this sport at the seaside because of the court’s material rather than the place itself. The reason is the beaches are all covered with sand which cannot help the plastic ball bounce.

However, you can still play the sport if the venue has a separate playing area with a support surface for the ball to bounce or a dedicated court for basketball or tennis. 

Alternatively, you can change some of the bouncing rules in the game. This adjustment is simple and easier for any location, and the rest of the regulations are unnecessary to switch.

Pros And Cons Of Playing A Pickleball Game On The Beach

Whichever way you choose to enjoy this sport on the coastline, you get a few benefits and drawbacks from them:


  • Have the time of your life: Through the beautiful scenery and close to nature.
  • Support for strengthening resistance: Thanks to the sun’s UV rays, it helps the body synthesize vitamin D – a good nutrient for developing bones, blood cells, and the immune system.
  • Reduce damage to musculoskeletal structures: The soft, smooth sand surface reduces the reaction of the impact surface and the impact shock wave.

Pros And Cons Of Playing A Pickleball Game On The Beach

Fresh air, sunshine, and beautiful scenery are the factors that heal and improve your immune system better


  • Require good physical fitness: From a good balance on rough surfaces and a long time of exercise outdoors.
  • Easy get injuries: By small objects such as shells, snails, rocks, etc., mixed in the sand or falling off balance.
  • Dazzle eyes and sunburned: The sunlight can temporarily blind your eyes during the match, especially when catching the ball. In addition, your skin may get sunburnt when playing under the sunshine without any protection.

How To Play Pickleball On The Beach?

Draw The Boundaries

Sometimes, the space at the seaside is unfit for you to have a full court. Therefore, you can adjust it to the appropriate proportions for the chosen area. The recommended dimensions include 13.6 x 16 feet (4.1 x 4.8m) for singles and 16.8 x 18 feet (5.1 x 5.5 m) for doubles. Regarding the Non-Volley zone (the “Kitchen”), each side is 5 feet from the net.

You can hardly use special tape to mark the edges in the sand. You, however, can use some objects to match or a stick to deeply draw the boundaries on this surface.

Choose Suitable Equipment

How To Play Pickleball On The Beach

Special gear for outdoor pickleball will be suitable for use on the beach because of its lateral and weather adaptability

The first is to install the net; as a rule, it is defaulted to a height of 6 feet. But when playing on sand-uneven surfaces, you can adjust it accordingly, usually approximating the tallest player’s size. In addition, you should choose a portable grid that is easy to install and move.

Secondly, in this terrain, outdoor pickleball should be used. Its lightweight, thin material is also resistant to weather damage, including impact with sand and other debris.

Additionally, choosing sneakers with good adhesion, waterproof instead of flip-flops or sandals would be best. This shoe prevents slips and falls and protects your feet better when you accidentally miss a step and get buried in the sand.

Modify The Rules

The soft sand surface is insufficient to control the ball’s bounce, so you should alter the rules to suit the conditions and context. For example, you can only serve volleys instead of drop ones. The ball must be kept in the air at all times and still not allowed to fall into “The Kitchen” during delivery.

USA Pickleball says the game ends with one side scoring 11, 15, or 21 points. But you can lower it to 7 points to make a short match and keep at least 2 points away from your opponent.

Some Precautions To Note When Playing Pickleball On The Beach

The beach, sand surface, is not the usual surface of this sports field, so here are some precautions you need to pay attention to:

  • Keep eyes on the tide schedules: Some beaches rise and recede quite quickly, and you must also avoid playing too close to the water.
  • Protect skin and eyes: Wearing a hat, sunglasses, applying sunscreen, or wearing a thin anorak jacket.

Some Precautions To Note When Playing Pickleball On The Beach

Eyeglasses, sunscreen, and a light jacket are essential objects for applying before participating in any activity on the coastline

  • Avoid dehydration: Replenish moisture after each round, when thirsty, and even when sweating a lot.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: Like sneakers, to protect your feet and reduce injury from small objects.

Alternatives To Pickleball That You Can Play On The Beach

There are many other sports you can play on the beach besides pickleball. Some of the most popular sports are volleyball, frisbee, and football. They are easy to set up in this area, the tool is also simple and important, can have many participants, and is suitable for enjoying with family and friends.

In addition, you can also try out similar sports like pickleball, using rackets and nets like badminton or tennis. The way to prepare the playing field is the same as above, and the rules are subject to change accordingly.

No matter which sport you choose, the key points are almost the same: choosing the right gear and applying protection.

Alternatives To Pickleball That You Can Play On The Beach

Volleyball is also a sport you can play on the seaside with friends and family


What Surface Can You Play Pickleball On?

This sport is inherently not picky about playing fields as long as they satisfy some essential conditions such as durability, flatness, smoothness, synchronization, good bounce, and grip.

One of the most appreciated surfaces is the Pro-Cushion, because, in addition to meeting the above criteria, it also helps to reduce the backlash forces on the player’s joints, allowing them time to recover from pain conditions quickly.

Some common ones are asphalt and cement, also applied for tennis and badminton courts. They reach the standards, encompassing durability and flatness, and provide a good bounce. Besides, some other surfaces are also used for it, such as clay, grass, and Polyurethane.

Can Pickleball Be Played On The Grass?

Yes, the grass is still commonly used in pickleball courts. You must make sure the surface is flat and free of any obstacles. Fake grass can be used more than real one.

 They are easy to clean, do not accumulate water, leave the yard wet after rain, and reduce maintenance costs, like lawn mowing.

Can Pickleball Be Played On The Grass

Grass courts are also prevalently used in pickleball

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Pickleball On The Beach?

The beach offers more benefits to pickleball players than you think. The fresh air and beautiful scenery are the most recognizable, which improves the mood. The sand surface is soft and smooth, helping to reduce the impact on joints, especially knees. 

On top of that, the beach also offers many other activities for you to experience with your family and friends, such as swimming, surfing, boating, etc.

Is Beach Pickleball Suitable For Beginners?

Yes, it is suitable for any level of pickleball player. To beginners, in the first, they may find it difficult to adapt to the sand courts and some changes to the rules. In addition, the weather can also make them puzzled because they lack experience in handling problems with the ball.

However, as said, this sport does not require too much technique. The new players can still play well on the beach after a few matches.


Can you play pickleball on the beach?” is not a question but a more implicit challenge. The terrain should not be an issue if you truly want to have a game on the beach with family and friends.

Careful preparation and slight tweaks to the rules are needed to make the game more relevant. You need not forget the necessary equipment and information to protect yourself comprehensively. 

Keep in mind that there are multiple options for beach sports, so do not limit yourself and try out different activities!

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