Can You Play Tennis With Acrylic Nails? – How To Save Them?

Tennis is a game that requires precision, focus, and skill. However, if you are a player of this sport who loves to wear fake nail sets, you may wonder whether it is safe to be in a match with them. Acrylic fingernails are one of the popular beauty trends, but they can interfere with your gameplay and lead to injuries. 

This article will explore the topic of: “Can you play tennis with acrylic nails?” in detail and provide some primitive tips to help you stay safe and perform at your best. Do not miss this supportive information!

Can You Play Tennis With Acrylic Nails?

Can You Play Tennis With Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails might be used in tennis; however, you need a lot of practice to avoid injury

Yes, but it is not recommended. Fake fingernails can interfere with your ability to play sports, especially acrylic. They are very thin and fragile, while tennis is not a light sport and does not use force.

Using them while playing can cause them to break, tip over, or get injured yourself. Holding the racquet firmly and controlling the ball’s path may also be difficult if they are too long.

Nonetheless, there are some exceptions; some professional athletes have successfully used them in practice and the game. It requires a lot of training, time, experience, and processing techniques. Therefore, if you have never tried it, you should not spend a lot of effort on the match.

Can Tennis Players Have Long Nails?

Yes, you can keep your fingernails long while playing this sport. Nevertheless, this is not recommended, as they can interfere with your grip, reduce accuracy when serving or hitting the ball, and cause injury.

Even though they are natural nails – hard and uneasy to break or acrylic – soft and fragile, you should consider using them.

You may be torn between playing hard or preserving these horns on your finger in a match. Therefore, it is impossible to focus 100% on the game; if you are a professional athlete, it is worth rethinking.

Why Should Your Nails Be Short To Play Tennis?

Why Should Your Nails Be Short To Play Tennis

Short nails give you better racket control and more efficient ball handling

With short fingernails, players can better and more precisely control the racket by gripping and navigating it. It also declines the risk of injury, especially from the fingers and wrists, because when you hold the racquet loosely, the weight and inertia when hitting the ball will affect them strongly.

In addition, keeping them short and clean also reduces the possibility of infection from bacteria and dirt, which result in inflammation, fungus, or, worse, infection. They can come from sweat, dead cells, and grease from your hands clinging to the racket handle.

Can You Hurt Yourself If You Play Tennis With Acrylic Nails?

Yes. You can injure your hands or other parts by breaking your fingernails or being distracted. The acrylics are soft and fragile; they can get caught in the string or grip when you hold them tight.

Using a specific and correct solution to remove them would be best. Otherwise, your real nail inside may become thin, weak, and rough. In addition, operations such as opening boxes, prying things, carrying heavy objects, etc., can all harm them and should be avoided.

Why Should You Never Play Tennis With Acrylic Nails?

They are applied to beautify and protect real ones, but it does not mean they are suitable for all kinds of activities, especially sports.

They are brittle and soft, interfering with how you hold and swing your racquet. Then, as a result, hitting performance is reduced while the risk of injury increases. Therefore, you should not take them while playing tennis.

8 Tips For Playing Tennis With Long Nails

For those with long fingernails who enjoy playing tennis, these tips can help improve your match:

Keep Each Nail Short And Well-Manicured

Instead of cutting the nail completely, you can keep it to a moderate length and trim it neatly. This method can reduce the risk of breaking the nail, especially the injury.

Use Grip-Enhancing Products

Use grip-enhancing gear such as racquet wraps, pads, or gloves to gain better control over your shots. This method is also effective for those who sweat easily or on hot and humid days.

Avoid Swinging Too Hard Or Hitting The Ball Too Forcefully

These actions highly require control of the ball and racket. If you do not hold the racquet tightly, your wrist is susceptible to injury. Contrastly, if you keep it tightly, your fingernails easily break or peel off.

Use A Racket With A Larger Grip Size

It will increase the grip area of the racquet, increasing the distance between the two fingers when holding. You can keep the racket firmly; it will be a bit heavier but reduce the impact on the fingernails.

Consider Playing With A Two-Handed Backhand

Mastering the backhand with both hands can help you handle tough balls, especially with long nails. The weakness of serving with one hand will be supplemented with the other, although not very flexible.

Consider Playing With A Two-Handed Backhand

Practicing hitting the ball with both hands can help you tackle many difficult balls, including with long nails

Take Care When Serving To Avoid Injury

For some professional athletes, serving is also a way to earn points. By having the ball hit the opponent’s court hard and fast enough, they can not beat it in time and lose scores.

Serving requires a lot of power, and your fingernails can be injured soon after. Therefore, you have to pay more attention when doing this and should skip taking points this way.

Be Mindful Of Your Nails During Gameplay

You must always be careful during a tennis match, like holding the racket, serving or hitting the ball, and even picking it up. It is hard to avoid getting excited and forgetting about caution during a match, so remembering a few moments above can greatly help you.

Practice Good Nail Hygiene To Prevent Infections

The final tip is to take care of and keep them clean before and after playing sports. This method will give you a healthy, strong, less brittle nail and minimizes bacteria or fungus penetration.


How Can Tennis Players With Long Nails Improve Their Grip On The Racket?

To improve their grip, they can use aids such as gloves, pads, or racquet wrapping material with a rough surface. They increase the friction between the hand and the racquet, giving the player a tighter grip.

How Can Tennis Players With Long Nails Improve Their Grip On The Racket

Choosing a large grip can reduce injury and help you hold the racquet tighter

Should Tennis Players With Long Nails Have Special Considerations When Choosing A Racket?

Of course, yes. The players may consider using a racket with a larger stretcher that is more suitable for their hands and nail sets. The full grip of the racquet will help players feel more confident in their shots. However, most racquets with large stretchers weigh a bit more than usual.

Can Long Nails Affect Players During Serves Or Cause Other Strokes In Tennis?

Yes. Long nail sets can hinder your shots and serve by reducing grip when holding the racquet. It leads to reduced performance, misdirection of the ball, and increased risk of injury, especially to the wrist.

Can You Play Other Sports With Acrylic Nails?

No rule denies having long nail sets when participating in any sport, including football, baseball, or basketball. However, you may still have to remove them if the referee finds them dangerous or check with your teammates and coaches.

Long and sharp fingernails are not recommended for participating in sports because they can cause injury to players. If you still want to make your hands more catchy, try other shapes like oval or rectangular. They can reduce the possibility of self-injury and injury from powerful hits.

Can You Play Basketball With Acrylic Nails?

Can You Play Basketball With Acrylic Nails

No. In basketball, in addition to the ball, you can also collide with teammates, opponents, and especially the net; it is easy to injure them or get your nail stuck in the basket. 

Particularly, nails made of acrylic are thin and weak and unsuitable for vigorous activities, especially sports. Although it is only the outer layer, you can damage the real nail without being careful.

Are Volleyball Players With Acrylic Nails Possible?

No. Like basketball, volleyball players are also easy to touch with the net and other people. They may accidentally injure others and receive penalties. Not only that, in volleyball, smashes and serves are indispensable; these activities all have a strong impact on the horns covering your finger, leading to kicks or flips.

Are Volleyball Players With Acrylic Nails Possible

You can trim and apply a layer of polish on your nails; however, acrylic is not recommended

Can You Play Lacrosse With Acrylic Nails?

No, you can not. These nail sets can get caught in the device and injure you. Moreover, this sport requires movement on the field; there are collisions and competitions with opponents, and you can endanger them if you are not careful.

Can You Ball With Acrylic Nails?

No, playing any ball sport with acrylic fingernails is not advisable. Not only can they get stuck in balls or equipment, but they also hurt your teammates, opponents, or even yourself.

Are Tennis Players Wearing Nail Polish Allowed?

Yes, players can polish their fingernails to beautify and protect them. They should keep them short and trim them carefully to avoid affecting their match.

Tennis players often use artistic patterns and different bright colors. Some top athletes use them without being offensive or distracting; Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams are prime examples.

Serena Williams Is A Licensed Nail Technician, Right?

Yes, Serena Williams is a licensed nail technician. A well-known tennis player and manicurist, she was the first athlete to secure a significant endorsement contract with a leading nail paint brand. Her colorful nail designs are remarkable and catch people’s attention during big competitions.

Serena Williams Is A Licensed Nail Technician, Right

Serena Williams is one of the rare athletes who play tennis professionally with acrylic nails


The answer: “Can you play tennis with acrylic nails?” was yes. But it is not suggested because it can affect your play and cause injury.

You can trim and clean your nails carefully or use grip-enhancing products if you still want to keep your decorated nails. In this way, you can minimize injuries and unwanted events.

If you can not give up on decorating your beautiful hands and even playing tennis, balance them with these tips and practice well!

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