Can You Take A Pickleball Paddle On A Plane? – Packing Tips

As a common sport, pickleball has brought joy and entertainment time for many families of different aged members. Some people even take them on their travels so they can be entertained anytime. Then, they also ask, “Can you take (bring) a pickleball paddle on a plane?

Not only the answer but also some regulations are mentioned in this article. Keep on reading before packing your luggage!

Can You Take (Bring) A Pickleball Paddle On A Plane (America or International)?

Can You Take A Pickleball Paddle On A Plane?

Pickle paddle usually has two main types, Elongated and Standard, differing in size and weight.

This question has no exact answer, as it is not on the prohibited items list for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) carry-on bags. However, it would help if you ensure the item you bring on board is no more than 22 x 14 x 9 inches (length x width x height), including handles and wheels.

Typically, pickleball rackets come in two sizes, including Elongated (6-7 x 17-24 inches) and Standard (7 – 8 x 17 inches), with weights ranging from 7.3 to 8.3 ounces. If your racquet is in the latter category with the total weight of your carry-on as permitted by the airline, it can be taken on board. Otherwise, you may have to transfer it to checked baggage.

In addition, security officers can still request a closer inspection of your luggage, even if it is legal when they feel suspicious. So, to avoid trouble, you should keep your racquet in an easy-to-reach place and be prepared to be checked at any time.

Is Bringing A Paddle On A Plane Possible? (Are Pickleball Paddles Allowed On Planes)

Yes, you absolutely can. According to TSA regulations, most sports equipment can be carried on board if it meets the size and weight regulations that are 50 inches and 8 ounces. The mass of paddles is not prohibited. In addition, you can still deposit if they exceed the size and weight.

However, airlines often have their own rules about baggage on their flights, and you should consult or ask at the ticket counter before buying tickets. Some check-in clerks transfer your bulky luggage to the checked one, but others may incur an additional fee or be confiscated.

What Is A Legal Pickleball Paddle?

What Is A Legal Pickleball Paddle
What Is A Legal Pickleball Paddle?

According to USAPA, a standard pickle-paddle racket does not have an overall length of more than 24 inches

The standard rules and regulations for the Pickle Paddle are all issued by the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), such as game rules, restrictions on balls, paddles, and even uniforms. A paddle to be considered valid must meet the conditions set forth by this organization. Specifically:

Material Be hard, safe, and incompressible
  • Do not have any delamination, cracks, holes, or dents
  • Do not reflect light
  • Combined length and width (including edge guard and butt cap) no more than 24 inches (60.96cm)
  • Length no more than 17 inches
  • No restrictions on the thickness
Weight No restriction
  • Do not change standard sizes.
  • Can only be changed/added: lead tape/edge protector (no more than 1 inch for the top and 0.5 inches for sides), handle size/coating, nameplate, and identification mark.
  • Marking and hand painting are allowed as long as the roughness and light reflection are not affected.
Prohibited Surface and Mechanical Features
  • Be forbidden to disassemble parts except for the handle and edge band
  • Anti-slip paint or any material that increases the roughness of the racquet surface, such as neoprene, sandpaper, etc.
Model Designation The manufacturer’s certification decal must have a clear brand name and product code consistent with the model.

How Should You Safely Transport Your Pickleball Paddle On A Plane?

Although not fragile, pickle paddles can still crack and scratch the surface if you are not careful while transporting. These small errors can lead to the ball going the wrong way, the paddle breaking when the force is strong, or worse, the player getting injured. These below tips that you should use to avoid problems:

  • Follow airline rules: Ask for maximum dimensions and weight for hand-carried and checked-in items. You also need to know if your item can be carried on the plane; then, you can proactively pack accordingly.
  • Use a shockproof bag: Buy the original or a good guarantee designed specifically for your racquet. This type of bag ensures your tool is secure by following its shape, keeping it from moving.

How Should You Safely Transport Your Pickleball Paddle On A Plane

The shockproof bag can help you protect the paddle from scratches and cracks during transport

  • Apply protective covers: You can use a foam sheet or clothing to wrap around the racquet, especially the surface, to avoid scratches before or after putting it in the shockproof bag.

In addition, if you decide to choose checked baggage, you should ask the staff to put one or a few “fragile” decals on your items. It may notice the handlers unloading lighter and limits broken in transportation.


Are There Any Special Rules For Carrying A Pickleball Paddle On A Plane?

Pickleball paddles are not on the list of prohibited items or sports equipment. In the US, most separate laws come from different airlines, based on a common law from the TSA. Some special things you can keep in mind are:

  • You should pack your items carefully for both checked-in and hand-carried.
  • Paddles are allowed to be as carry-on luggage or not, depending on the clerk. Hence, you can check in first if you do not want the hassle.
  • The portable length should not exceed 50 inches, and the weight should not exceed 18 ounces (TSA’s sports equipment rules).

Meanwhile, in Canada, with CATSA rules, there are a few more stringent regulations, in addition to meeting the standards set by the company on size and weight:

  • Racket material must be hard, incompressible, and pass the deflection test.
  • Surface area is less than 24 inches and length not more than 17 inches.

Are There Any Special Rules For Carrying A Pickleball Paddle On A Plane

In Canada, pickleball rackets have a hard surface, bounce and pass the deflection test

Size Bag For Taking A Pickleball Paddle On A Plane

There is no specific rule on the size of the bag as long as it meets the standards set by the airline for either carry-on or checked baggage.

If you can find a bag that fits your paddle, you can use shock absorbers, clothing, or anything else that’s soft and moderately elastic to ensure it doesn’t get scratched or broken. At the same time, you obligate that their total weight must not exceed the allowed weight and size.

If you have to choose checked baggage, you should ask the check-in clerk to put on “fragile” decals to warn the baggage handlers to be gentle and not to put anything on your luggage.

Size Bag For Taking A Pickleball Paddle On A Plane

Various bag styles are suitable not only for the pickleball racquet but also for accompanying personal items

Do You Have To Have A Possession Of The Paddle In Pickleball?

Yes, that is necessary. If you want to try the sport, you can borrow equipment from a relative or at the playground. Nevertheless, if you make a concerted effort, owning one is a must, especially for professional athletes.

Owning a racquet, you can change the handle or color to suit your preferences and strength based on USAPA regulations. Like any sports equipment, it also serves as a necessary element to improve your odds of winning in a match.

Therefore, although it is not required, you will still feel comfortable using a racket that fits your size and hand strength. Moreover, you can freely move and choose the place to play without depending on the area to rent the racket or other people.

Can I Rent A Pickleball Paddle At My Destination?

Can I Rent A Pickleball Paddle At My Destination

The paddle can be rented at the court for an average price of $3 – 6

Yes, you absolutely can. Most courts built specifically for a particular sport or professional sports have equipment rental services available to their walk-in customers.

If the sport is popular where you are, it is easy to find paddles for rent. Typically, popular locations are sports stores, playgrounds, and even libraries near courts. Their prices vary by location, ranging from $3 to $6 each, and you can get a discount if you rent 2 or more.

However, rental paddles may not meet USAPA requirements. You sometimes feel uncomfortable holding it because it is designed in general so that many people can use it instead of customizing it for any individual. Thus, you should still bring your own to enjoy this game to the fullest, whether traveling or working.


To the question: “Can you take (bring) a pickleball paddle on a plane?”, the answer is yes, provided that your baggage must meet the requirements set forth by TSA and the airline. 

Pre-checking the company’s information and policies is necessary to prevent items from being charged extra fees, left behind, or permanently confiscated.

With these tips, you never miss any game of pitching just because of traveling. Then, let’s go ahead and pack your sports equipment and enjoy pickleball with family and friends at the destination!