Can You Use Tennis Shoes For Volleyball? Criteria For This?

Tennis and volleyball are two popular sports that require different types of sneakers. Apart from their similarities, there are also significant differences in each sports equipment’s design.

This article will discuss the question: “Can you use tennis shoes for volleyball?” and how to distinguish them and choose the right ones. Let’s read this sports side information now!

Can You Use Tennis Shoes For Volleyball?

Can You Use Tennis Shoes For Volleyball

Tennis shoes require flexible movement, while volleyball ones need support to jump and hit the ground 

There is an unofficial answer to this question because the differences and similarities in both types benefit the player.

Technically, you can use tennis sneakers to play volleyball. They are both court sports, and the player requires much movement. Moreover, this equipment often has a high collar, protecting your ankle from injury.

Nevertheless, this is not recommended. Usually, specialized volleyball ones are lighter, with a rubber sole to support the step. Thus, increasing the weight under the feet can slow the player’s movement. Besides, using the wrong ones can make you uncomfortable and even lead to injury.

Why Are Tennis Shoes Not Ideal For Volleyball?

These sneakers are designed to provide the support needed for quick lateral movements and direction changes. It usually does not have thick underfoot pads to aid stability during overhead impacts.

On the other hand, volleyball sneakers require cushioning for stability after jumps and when landing safely. The rubber sole also helps to bounce thanks to its elastic properties, reducing backlash and inertia when landing and increasing friction when moving. 

In addition, there are also added features to support the ankle when it is stretched and contracted suddenly after the player’s jumps.

Why Are Tennis Shoes Not Ideal For Volleyball

Volleyball players often have to jump higher and land vertically

The 4 Main Differences Between Tennis & Volleyball Shoes

Manufacturers have developed suitable sneakers for each sport based on the athletes’ frequent movements. They protect players from injury and support them better during competition and practice.

Hence, the differences include design, materials, balance, durability, and even pricing. And the biggest one that you should pay attention to is the design, which is most clearly shown through the following 4 parts:


Tennis soles are usually made of thick rubber material and are not easily worn out when moving a lot on the court. It provides moderate bounce and reduces friction, suitable for horizontal and vertical movements on the court in a flexible way.

Meanwhile, the sole of the volleyball is soft rubber, maximizing bounce and increasing friction to help players regain balance quickly. In addition, it also helps reduce the weight of the shoe, assisting athletes to move faster.

The common point of both soles is that they have a specific design to reduce traction and increase grip – for example, many deep grooves for grip on uneven surfaces.

Both Sides

The inner sides of tennis sneakers are thickly machined to keep the foot safe from sudden lateral movements. The high collar protects the ankle, while the supporting sides preserve force and prevent the foot from slipping.

In contrast, to the remaining sport, both sides do not need thick padding to assist players in moving freely, even slightly protruding their feet. The usage of these tools is to help the player in catching the ball more quickly and easily, without any hindrances or obstacles.


The midsoles of tennis sneakers are usually thin and do not cause footfall because athletes rarely jump high. In contrast, the pads in volleyball are quite thick to receive less reaction when hitting the ground and support elastic force when bouncing, although not much. Therefore, when you bring it in, you will feel higher than the other type.


The middle pads inside volleyball shoes need to be thick to create elasticity for jumps

Heel And Forefoot

The design of the heel and forefoot depends on how the force is distributed to reduce the impact on the player’s foot.

That’s why volleyball players own sneakers that support high bounce and spread power when landing. Its front is highly flexed, and the back of the heel expands, distributing the force around instead of directly impacting the foot. And when jumping, the power is not allotted to the front foot, causing pain or injury to the toes.

Tennis shoes, on the other hand, are usually flat and stiff, helping to keep the foot steady with more definitive stepping movements than jumping.

Criteria For Tennis Shoes For Volleyball

Using these sneakers for volleyball is not recommended; however, if you play both sports, the above method can save money. Criteria to find the right one that can be used flexibly for these two sports include:

  • Thick cushion: especially midsole, with the effect of absorbing force when jumping and landing
  • High jump support: has a high collar to protect your ankles and ankles when jumping
  • Flexible traction: convenient for moving and changing direction quickly

After considering the above criteria, you should also try and get around with basic movements in both sports. Remember, some shoes, even if you choose the size correctly, may not support you well in moving or moving.

Best Tennis Shoes For Volleyball

Selecting the right gear for each sport is always a top priority, but there’s no denying that a few tennis sneakers are also quite suitable for volleyball. They have the right padding, high jump support, traction balance, lightness, and flexibility. Specifically:

  • Nike Air Zoom Vapor X: Made from lightweight TPU, the inner cushioning optimizes force response and momentum, and the sole keeps the foot in place
  • Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3: Thick, wide, airy form and designed sole that hugs the foot for good force dispersion
  • Asics Gel-Resolution 8: Thick, wide sidewalls, a medial area wraps the foot for stability during direction changes, and a toe guard reduces wear.


Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 has shoe pads, and full-length soles suitable for volleyball


Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Volleyball?

Yes. It can be used as an alternative because of the similarity in how the two move on the field. But, if you are an athlete, you must choose specialized sneakers to avoid injury. Either way, basketball is a sport that requires more flexible movement on the court than just bouncing and landing.

Can You Use Running Shoes For Volleyball?

No. Slippers are designed to tend to forward movement, providing very little stability on the other side. They also do not have the necessary pads to support sport-specific activities.

Do You Need Special Sneakers For Volleyball?

Yes, you do. Specialized shoes are designed to provide the necessary support for the sport, such as cushioning, traction, and flexibility. So, if you are serious, you need them for a long-term commitment.

Can You Just Wear Basketball Shoes For Volleyball?

No, you should not just wear basketball sneakers for this sport. They lack the necessary support, whose absence can lead you to get injured or worse.

Can You Just Wear Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Basketball shoes may lack the necessary support for volleyball

What Type Of Shoe Is The Most Suitable For Volleyball?

Specialized ones are the best choice for any sport. They are designed based on the need for support and protection of professional athletes when participating in competitions. Therefore, the volleyball shoe is the only candidate for the only sport it represents.

Can Tennis Shoes Be Used For Running?

Yes. You can use this specific type of shoe for running because it has a heavy weight that helps runner stability and reduces the risk of injury. It also comes at the expense of running slower and hurting your feet more when using specialized ones.

Can I Use Tennis Shoes For Other Sports?

Yes, but only in a few similar sports. Tennis shoes can work for other sports, such as badminton and squash, that require lateral movements. However, they are not ideal for sports requiring jumping and landing, such as volleyball, basketball, or running.

Are Tennis Shoes Good For Gym?

Yes, you can use them for the gym; however, these sneakers are not ideal for activities that require jumping and landing, such as plyometrics or box jumps.

Are Tennis Shoes Good For Gym

You can use tennis shoes for movements that do not require jumping

Can Tennis Shoes Be Used On A Treadmill?

Similarly, when using it for running, they can be used on a treadmill but are not ideal for long-distance running. Slippers’ duties for running and providing additional support and cushioning.

Can I Use Tennis Shoes For Weightlifting?

No, you can not. These sneakers are not ideal for weight lifting because of a lack of the stability and support necessary for lifting heavy weights. Weightlifting shoes are designed to provide the essential support and stability for the sport.


To the question: “Can you use tennis shoes for volleyball?”, you will get the answer yes, but not recommended. Some tennis shoes do not provide enough cushioning, support, traction, or flexibility for this.

It comes from the difference between the two sports, with one side focusing on jumps and hits; the other side moving sideways, and it is easy to change direction suddenly. Therefore, you must consider carefully before focusing on just one sport or using it for both to avoid discomfort and injury!

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