How many square feet is a tennis court?

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The sport of tennis or tennis has long been introduced to many countries worldwide and has become quite popular. Therefore, tennis courts built according to international standards appear more and more. However, not everyone knows about the size of the tennis court and the common types of court surfaces. So how many square feet is […]

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How many tennis balls are used in a match?

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The balls in each tennis match are really important. The referee must regularly supply fresh balls to substitute for the worn ones throughout a game of tennis.  Each player’s performance is determined by the state of the tennis balls in play. Due to the frequent replacement of balls, the question of “How many tennis balls […]

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Why is tennis record not updating?

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0 is a website that ranks tennis players belonging to the USTA (United States Tennis Association). The founder(s) created it with the purpose of making money through Google Adsense advertising. TennisRecord is an exceptionally well-designed site with a lot of data collected from the USTA. Searching for information on TennisRecord is way easier and faster […]

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