Do Tennis Skirts Have Shorts Underneath? Are They Helpful?

Unlike males, female tennis players have more outfit options, such as skirts, dresses, and shorts with different designs and colors. However, this sport requires quick reflexes and constant movement on the court, so whether those clothes are comfortable. Or like some question: “Do tennis skirts have shorts underneath?”

This post will explore this answer and information about female athletes’ clothing. Keep on reading for more useful details!

Do Tennis Skirts Have Shorts Underneath?

Do Tennis Skirts Have Shorts Underneath?

Tennis skirts having shorts underneath provides flexibility, mobility, and coverage to athletes 

The answer is yes. Most skirts have pre-made shorts underneath, known as compression shorts. These pants are designed to provide support, comfort, and coverage to athletes during practices and playing matches. 

At the same time, they reduce the skin’s friction and soreness, allowing players to move freely on the field. 

Besides, the compression short is made of a material that draws sweat away from your skin quickly, ensuring maximum breathability and easement even during long matches.

Should You Wear Shorts Under a Tennis Skirt?

The three common types of clothing that most women wear in this sport are dresses, skirts, and skorts. In addition to the skort that has ready-to-wear shorts inside, you can wear shorts or protective pants in combination with the other two types of clothing.

The choice of how to dress is up to each individual’s preferences. However, clothing also indirectly affects the match, especially when external factors such as temperature and weather exist. Hence, you need to consider carefully before making a decision.

What Do You Call Skirts with Shorts Underneath?


Skort is a pun on the words “skirt” and “short”

The skirt with a short underneath is often called “skort”. It’s like a pun, combining “sk,” the first two letters of “skirt,” and “ort,” the last three letters of “short.” This wonderful mixture gave birth to “Skort” – a dress with short inside, bringing comfort to the user.

This type of outfit is a popular choice among many female athletes because of its flexibility, mobility, good coverage, and fashion sense.

As a result, many manufacturers have launched many Skort products with different designs, colors, and lengths, giving customers more choices to suit their preferences.

Tennis Skirt with Shorts Benefits

The skirt with a short provides several benefits to athletes while on the course. Some of the highlights points are:

Comfort And Fit

Other skort skirts have separate sleeves for the individual legs. As a result, players can completely focus on the game instead of worrying about possible skin errors.

The inner shorts are made of stretchy, breathable material, usually polyester and spandex, and provide a comfortable fit. They seem like protective shields full of being sporty.


Many skorts are designed with extra side pockets, zip, or stretch well. Athletes can use small bags to hold balls, while some people use them to store phones, cards, or cash.

Miscellaneous small items are secured with an elastic or zipper on the outside of the bag. However, it would be better not to put too many things on the side of the bag because it will get entangled and slow down the movement speed.


Convenient pockets for athletes to keep balls or small items like a phone, card, or key


The skirt combined with shorts is stylish and feminine yet very professional and sporty. Players can choose colors and patterns to match their personality and style. 

These options include having the length of the skirt and inner pants sometimes equal or slightly longer. They bring a break instead of traditional costumes, bringing each player excitement from their styles.

What Female Players Can Wear Under Their Dress or Skirt?

Regarding dresses or skirts, female athletes also have many options for what to wear. Each choice brings something new to your style. Sometimes, they are also related to skills you use when playing for convenience or to avoid injury.

Tennis Dress

The dress is a comfortable and stylish one-piece of clothing. The upper is designed to hug the body for comfort and avoid unnecessary entanglement. Meanwhile, the skirt is moderately flared from the waist, helping your legs flexibly.

Accompanying these dresses can be tight protective pants and the same color. They come in various lengths, allowing you to choose the one that may suit your style.


Bodysuits hug the body without causing obstruction when moving and can also protect the skin

Bodysuits are, as the name suggests, tight-fitting one-piece outfits which are popular among players who prefer a more fitted firm. This clothing is known for its versatility, comfort, and practicality.

You have many choices, from long or short sleeves and similar pants. It is due to being so close to the body; you need to notice the cool and elastic material so as not to be uncomfortable or cause skin irritation.


Combining a skirt with leggings also brings an equally feminine and sporty feeling. On too cold or hot occasions, leggings are a great choice to keep warm or reduce the sunlight’s effects and protect the skin.

You can choose long, short, or loose leggings, but like bodysuits, the material must be comfortable and stretchy.


Of course, you can not ignore shorts, a popular athlete choice. They offer comfort, mobility, and convenient small pockets for storage.

Having more designs and colors than other outfits is the advantage of shorts. However, you should choose neutral-colored pants that match your skirt or dress to reduce the impact of the shade on the eyes.

Tennis skirts can be matched with shorts of the same color, simple and sophisticated


Finally, there is the Jogger, a type of pants that gives a warm feeling with good sweat-wicking material. It is quite thick but looks fashionable and strong for female tennis players. They are often designed with a tilting truss lock to store small, compact items.


Why Do Female Tennis Players Tuck Their Skirts?

Women’s athletes sometimes tuck their skirts in competition due to problems during matches and the hem of the dress getting caught. On the one hand, there are also a few reasons they do so on purpose, usually to:

  • Keep the ball: players often hold 1-2 extra balls to avoid wasting time picking them up when they are thrown out or serving. And if the outfit does not have pockets, keeping the ball in the skirt is a way they usually can do it.
  • Prevents it from lifting: it may distract them, especially when the weather is windy
  • Cool down: especially on hot days

Why Are Tennis Skirts So Short?

The length of the skirt relies on the athlete’s choice. There are no regulations for this, except for a few tournaments. 

Usually, they should be about twelve to fourteen inches long to ensure they are not too long to cause entanglement or inconvenience when participating in training and competitions.

How Do Female Players Hold Tennis Balls?

Female players typically hold balls in their skirts or shorts pockets. The pockets are designed to keep small things like cards, keys, and balls, allowing players to retrieve them during play easily.

Can Female Tennis Players Wear Shorts?

Yes, female players can wear shorts. Shorts are a popular choice for many players, especially in warmer weather. They provide comfort and flexibility to players during the game.

Do Female Tennis Players Have to Wear Skirts At Wimbledon?

Athletes must wear white to compete at Wimbledon

No rule requires female players to wear skirts when competing at Wimbledon. However, the color needed for both gender athletes is completely white (not creamy white or cream), except for a single colored border along the sides of the eyebrows, but not more than 1 cm (or 10mm).

Is There Any Difference Between A Skort And A Tennis Skirt? 

The most obvious difference is the flexibility of use. A skirt is designed for tennis, while a skort combines shorts and a dress commonly used in all tennis, golf, hockey, and others.

Skorts also provide comfort and good coverage for players and pair well with accompanying outfits such as t-shirts or sports bras.

How Do Women’s Tennis Skirts Hold Balls?

Some skirts are designed with small pockets for the athlete to store the ball and take it out easily. They are often arranged on the side of the skirt, both convenient and fashionable. However, without a pocket, some athletes often tuck their dresses as a storage space for them.

Tennis skirts are often designed with compact pockets to fit the ball


If you still have the question: “Do tennis skirts have shorts underneath?”, the answer is yes. This combination gives players comfort, mobility, and strong femininity in a sporty style.

There are not many obligations in women’s tennis clothes; they can wear skirts, dresses, leggings, and skorts, fit and easily manage them. Lastly, checking the sweat-wicking and stretchy material is necessary before purchasing!

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