How Fast Does A Pickleball Travel – Explore The Speed Of Pickleball

Pickleball is becoming more popular in the racquet sports world. People want to discover many things about this sport, like they have researched other sports. 

One of the most curious things about pickleball is speed. How fast does a pickleball travel? Can you compare it to tennis? If not, why does this happen? You will see a lot of interesting knowledge about pickleball in our article.

If you can’t wait to find the answers to all these questions, scroll down and start your exploration!

How Fast Does A Pickleball Travel?

How Fast Does A Pickleball Travel

A Pickleball Is Not As Fast As A Tennis Ball

The pickleball’s speed fluctuates depending on how you measure it and the conditions in which you play it. A pickleball with 40 holes can spin up to 1500 rpm and travels from 25 to 40 mph, roughly a third as fast as a tennis ball. 

With the lightweight polymer material and hollow design, a pickleball can reach this speed, but the hard paddles remarkably slow it down since they limit a lot of the ball’s force.

For experienced players, the speed can be faster due to their great striking pose, core, legs, and other body parts’ cooperation.

Why Does A Pickleball Travel So Slow?


Pickleball Is Made Of Polymer 

The first reason why a pickleball travels so slowly is the materials constructed. A pickleball is mostly made of durable polymer, while the inside is empty. The outside of a pickleball has pencil-shaped holes where air can move through the ball. Due to this design, the speed and game pace decline when the ball travels across.

Designing the ball with polymer is challenging as this material absorbs the ball’s energy poorly, leading to force reduction and limited aerodynamics when you serve the ball. 

Furthermore, a pickleball paddle is an important factor in reducing the speed. Pickleball paddles are often made of hardwood or hard plastic, which keeps the ball’s power instead of releasing it to hit shots harder. A solid paddle also limits the force generated when it touches the ball in the air.

How Can You Make A Pickleball Go Faster?

Practice your Serve


A Strong Serve Makes The Ball Travel Faster

If you want to make the ball travel faster, you will need to hit it harder. Swinging the ball tightly is not easy for beginners as it requires intense force, which you often see in professional players. So, you have to practice your serve continuously until your shoulder, forearm, and hand get used to the high intensity.

Try to swing the paddle as hard as possible when it just touches the ball, and then return your hand to the start position. It will enable you to serve and strike more swiftly, getting you ready for the next swing.

Know the Rules

Know the Rules

You Should Ask For Permission Before Modifying Your Paddle

Sometimes, players change the equipment to make the ball faster because they don’t want to adjust to a new playing style. One of the most common ways is to use lead tape on the paddle or get a heavier paddle. The purpose is to improve the paddle’s weight, making it more durable and generating more force when it hits the ball. However, you must consult the regulations and ask for permission before making any modifications. 

You need to wait for your opinion to be examined until you get the result. If your application is approved, you can change or improve your equipment to make it bounce off the ball better. In case your action is prohibited, you will have to use your paddles in the same status.

Always Keep your Concentration

Always Keep your Concentration

Always Focus On The Ball’s Direction

Even when you play other sports, keeping your mind focused on the game is compulsory and plays a key role in the final result. When you concentrate, your eyes and hand coordinate efficiently to see the ball’s direction. 

Moreover, concentration helps you improve your reflex. Because the paddle reduces the speed significantly, you should not let it completely touch the ball. Instead, you should learn to guess where the ball will go and try hitting it when it feels your paddle. 

This way will increase the ball’s speed thanks to your fast reflex, hand-eye coordination, and less interaction between the paddle and the ball.

Keep Your Feet Stable

Keeping Your Core And Feet Stable Is Vital

The ultimate way to improve your quickness is to keep your feet and body stable. You can move side to side to hit the shots but try to maintain your feet to stand firmly on the court. If your legs often tremble, this is not a good signal for a successful match. 

When striking the ball, focus on your core, control your breath, and use your legs precisely to make you run across the court rapidly. Therefore, you need to practice your feet and striking pose in a stable position to hit the ball faster.  

Does A Pickleball Travel Faster Than A Tennis Ball?

Does A Pickleball Travel Faster Than A Tennis Ball

Tennis Is A More Demanding Racquet Sport

Pickleball and tennis have some similarities in playing techniques. However, a pickleball cannot travel faster than a tennis ball. A tennis ball travels three times more quickly than a pickleball. Because a tennis ball absorbs more force due to its firm rubber construction, it leads to the quickness of this sport.

Tennis is more difficult to master because of the equipment required for a quicker, larger-court game. Serving with tennis rackets generates much power and high compression to make the ball swing faster and stronger.

On the other hand, pickleball is slower, between 25 mph and 40 mph. This is because its paddles are made of hardwood or plastic, and the ball doesn’t absorb force efficiently like a tennis ball. Moreover, pickleball’s smaller courts and lower nets enhance this slower speed, so players have to adjust the way they play.

Generally, speed does not determine whether tennis or pickle is better. Playing these sports is each player’s choice, and pickleball is gaining more attention due to its great hand-eye coordination and various age ranges.


Can You Hit A Pickleball In The Air?

Pickleball requires an underhand serve, so you have to play your first serve off the bounce. 

It means that you and your opponents can only hit a pickleball in the air after the ball bounces the first time on one side. 

This rule ensures the serve and volley advantage will not happen, thus drawing out the rallies.

What Is A Speed-Up In Pickleball?

“Speed up” is a common term in pickleball. You use this term after you leave a hard drop shot that makes it bounce too high. This hard and high shot puts your opponents in a difficult situation where they cannot counterattack.

This tough spot also challenges them to a hands-on competition where they unavoidably use their hands to play, which is considered illegal in most circumstances in pickleball rules. 

How Do You Move Faster In Pickleball?

You can improve your quickness in pickleball in many ways after you test these methods and find them to work efficiently. For example, you will move quicker if you can predict where a shot will go. 

It is especially true for professional players who have practiced their reflexes through many competitions and different playing habits. You can practice your reflex gradually, and you will see a significant change in your speed.

Besides, improving your footwork, specifically avoiding crossing the court, is advisable. In pickleball, you don’t have enough time to travel over the court. Instead, you should move side to side to catch and hit the ball.

Why Is Pickleball One Of The Fastest Growing Sports?

Pickleball is becoming increasingly popular since it does not require complex playing techniques and has little effect, which seems suitable for many age ranges, from youngsters to older people.

It’s even easier for those with experience in racquet sports, like tennis, and look for gentler similar sports. 

How Do You Play More Aggressive In Pickleball?

Time is the vital factor that helps you play aggressively and put more pressure on your rivals. Shooting from the air allows you to shorten the gap between your rivals’ shots, which means they have little time to strike back. This action aims to reduce the time they respond to your shot, leading to continuous failures and discouragement.  

Taking more steps is another way that makes you play better, as it helps you move faster on the court, hitting targets accurately and looking confident and enthusiastic about what you play.


How fast does a pickleball travel? A pickleball travels from 25 to 40 mph, quite slower than a tennis ball’s speed. The reason for this speed is due to the lighter materials produced for a pickleball. Moreover, pickleball paddles are solid, thus reducing their speed and requiring more force from the ball to hit the shots.

To improve the speed, you can practice serving the ball to make it more powerful, keep your concentration on the right point or make your feet stable. Pickleball is the second fastest-growing sport and gains more attention from players of all ages, so you can try it in your free time to have fun and improve your health.

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