How Many Holes In An Indoor Pickleball? – Are They Valuable?

Pickleball is a popular sport in the USA that combines tennis, badminton, and table tennis. This sport suits all ages and can be played inside and outside the house. There is not much difference between the tools used. However, the ball is an exception.

This article will clarify how many holes in an indoor pickleball and the differences between the types of balls used in this sport. Do not miss this new game for your family and friends!

What Are The Distinctions Between Indoor And Outdoor Pickleballs?

It is easy to see that outdoor and indoor pickleball differs in material, number, and hole sizes

The type of ball for this sport, outdoors or indoors, has many differences. However, the essential points are expressed in five factors below:

Differences Indoor Outdoor
Number of holes 26 40
Diameter of holes (inches) 0.43 0.28
Average weight (ounces) 0.917  0.925
Hardness Be lighter and softer Be thicker, harder, and heavier
Durability More durable Less durable 

The difference in the number of holes for the two types comes from balancing aerodynamics and surrounding impacts which can keep their bounce and speed.

According to USA Pickleball (USAP) regulations, the mass of a standard ball would range from 0.78 and 0.935 ounces (about 22.1 and 26.5 grams). In addition, the ball must have a hardness of 40 to 50 following the Durometer D scale at an ambient temperature of no more or less than 5 degrees F around 70 degrees F.

How Many Holes In An Indoor Pickleball?

Typically, indoor balls have about 26 large holes, designed to be suitable for use on flat surfaces like the gym room. They are also made from soft and lightweight plastic, which reduces the noise when hitting the paddles.

Because they are less affected by external factors, these balls also have a longer life. Another part is that they are made of soft plastic, which gives them some elasticity and breaks uneasily.

How Many Holes In An Outdoor Pickleball?

How Many Holes In An Indoor Pickleball?
How Many Holes In An Indoor Pickleball?

Indoor pickleball have fewer holes, and their diameter is also slightly larger than outdoor ones

Contrastly, outdoor balls are designed for rough, hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. They usually have about 40 holes of the same small diameter. However, sometimes, you come across balls with 32 holes or alternating between large and small holes together, depending on the conditions of use.

As a result, these balls are made of heavier and harder plastic, with less drag and easier control. For this reason, they have a shorter lifespan, are more prone to breakage or brittle fracture, and have less elasticity.

Why Are There So Many Holes In Outdoor Pickleballs?

As explained above, this structure assists in regulating the aerodynamics acting on it after each shot or serve, especially in windy conditions. This harmonization will help the ball to bounce or fly at the right speed and direction.

For outdoor types, the many holes with small diameters are for that reason. Air or drag will be dispersed or eradicated through them, preserving the ball’s potential and kinetic energy.


Which Is The Best Color For A Pickleball?

Orange is often used in this sport, thanks to its high light intensity

The best colors for this sports equipment usually have high light intensity, making them easy to spot, especially in dark areas of the gym. As proof, orange is probably the most popular color for this equipment; yellow and white are also used for the same reason.

Does A Pickleball Wear Out?

Of course, yes. The lifespan is determined by material, frequency of use, and maintenance.

The balls made from plastic or rubber can last a long time, about weeks or months. Although high-quality materials are also prone to degradation when used on rough surfaces or with strong impacts.

Additionally, if you store or put them in places with temperatures too high or too low, their lifespan can decrease rapidly.

Are All Pickleball Courts The Same Size?

The standard playground size is 20 x 44 feet with a net about 36 inches in height

This statement is not certainly true. A legal court is 20 x 44 feet for recreational players’ reference. Meanwhile, according to USA Pickleball, the court is slightly larger, namely 30 x 60 feet.

However, you can completely set up a court that suits the space and style of play, individual or duel, you desire. You must ensure you have the tools like the ball, paddle, net, opponent, and even a surface with a hard, flat enough.

Are All Outdoor Pickleball Holes The Same Size?

Their size usually varies by brand and model, but they must have the same size if counted on a ball. In general, the diameter of pickleball holes outdoors is usually 40% smaller than indoors to make it easier to avoid other external influences such as wind. Standard diameters are generally around 0.282 inches.

What Are The Basic Rules Of Pickleball?

There are 5 basic rules that any player of this sport must know by heart right from the start. Specifically:

  • Do not pass the ball in the “kitchen”: the Non-Volley Zone (NVZ), an area located 7 feet from the net on each field side.
  • Bounce the ball back and forth between both sides of the court: at least once on each side for both serve and return.
  • Serve at the end of the court: is required, and you must hit the ball diagonally across the net and touch the other court. The ball may touch the tangle but must not fall into the NVZ.
  • Serve without touching the NVZ: even the line that separates the “kitchen” area and the rest of the court.

Non-pass Zone, also known as “kitchen” is an area where the ball must not be touched even when serving

  • Matchpoints at 11, 15, or 21: and the winner must be at least two points apart from the opponent; otherwise, the game continues until this gap appears. 11 points are for the traditional sections, while 15 or 21 are for the professional league.

Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis?

The truth is like that. Compared to tennis, this sport is easier to learn. Due to its equipment, such as a ball or paddle, they are lighter, leading to the players not needing too much force or special skills.

What Pickle Balls Are For Outside?

In terms of the outside, these balls typically have the following characteristics:

  • Number of holes: usually 40, 32 with the same size or alternating large and small sizes, depending on the tournament
  • Hole diameter: about 0.28 inch
  • Material: hard and heavy plastic, suitable for outdoor movement.
  • Lifespan: short, ranging from a few weeks to a month, based on the surface and temperature

Why Do Pickleballs Have Holes?

The holes are created to help the ball move steadily through the air with a speed and direction that minimizes deviations from the player’s expectations. In addition, they also help regulate the forces inside and outside the ball, preventing deformation when subjected to strong power.

What Colors Are Not Allowed For The Pickleball Paddle?

There are no specific rules for paddles, but they must not be more than 10% similar in color to the ball

By law, there are no mandatory or prohibited colors of paddles. However, they are not allowed to color more than 10% of the surface area the same as the ball’s color, which can negatively affect the opponent’s vision.

Before any tournament, the leader will announce which ball color is used so that the athletes can better prepare for paddles.

Can You Play Pickleball On Grass?

Yes, you absolutely can. But this surface should only be limited to practice or fun matches. The grass field is a good area for amateur athletes to hone their skills and understand more about this sport. In contrast,  professionals do not recommend it for prolonged use because it can cause unnecessary injury.

How Do You Keep Score In Pickleball?

The first two numbers are the player’s score, and the third number is the server’s position

For the singles, there are only two numbers called, the first being the server’s score and the other being the opponent’s. 

On the other hand, in the doubles or triples, there are three numbers mentioned. The first two numbers have the same meaning as singles: the server and opponent’s scores, respectively. The third one represents the numerical order of the person serving in the team.


The question of how many holes in an indoor pickleball is that it has 26 large holes. This type of ball is made of soft and light plastic with long durability. These factors also differ between indoor and outdoor pickleball, including the number and size of holes, weight, material, and lifespan.

Furthermore, it is worth considering where you will be playing and the kind of surface before choosing any ball for this game!

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