How many tennis balls are used in a match?

The balls in each tennis match are really important. The referee must regularly supply fresh balls to substitute for the worn ones throughout a game of tennis. 

Each player’s performance is determined by the state of the tennis balls in play. Due to the frequent replacement of balls, the question of “How many tennis balls are used in a match?” arises.

How Often Are Tennis Balls Changed In A Match?

In a professional tennis match, 6 to 12 tennis balls can be used, depending on the rules of each tournament.

Since the balls may be changed anytime it deems appropriate, the rule cannot be applied to general tennis instruction or even less serious tennis matches.

The pressurized balls release their inside pressure on the environment, which is one of the primary reasons for replacing the balls. Over time, the flattened balls will start to make a thudding sound when struck.

These balls can also decrease the ideal bounce height and spinning speed when hit. Flat balls are useless in every match since they are lifeless.

Even though there is a set number of matches after the balls may be switched, if you aren’t playing against a friend or opponent, you may test the ball to determine whether to change.

New tennis ball

How Often Are Tennis Balls Replaced? 

For practice, 2 cans of 6 balls would be opened. All six of them were replaced in 7 games. After that, they’ll all be replaced after every nine games. The practice was equivalent to two games’ worth of wear.

You’ll notice that when serving, most men and some women examine three to five balls, giving the ones they don’t like. They can choose the “fastest” or “fuzziest” balls based on whether they want to serve one spin serve or one fastball to a ball boy.

It is customary to inform the other player that you have “new balls” in order that he knows they might perform differently due to increased bounce or tighter fuzz. This is done as every server receives new balls.

How Many Ball Changes Are There In A Match? 

Grand Slams, WTA, and ATP events change the tennis balls every seven games before changing them each nine games after that. In these games, six balls are in play.

The initial seven-match modification considers the extra bounce left on all tennis balls for teams to warm up before beginning a new match. Tennis players may also be observed checking at least three balls on a court.

How Many Tennis Balls Are Used In A Match? 

After the initial seven games of a particular match, a fresh set of six balls is introduced into play, and after the other nine games, another group of six balls is introduced. This step is under WTA and ATP rules. Just sixteen balls would be used during a Women’s match for a straightforward 6-0 or 6-0 victory.

On the contrary, 36 balls can be used if 2 Men’s event competitors engage in the 5-set match with an average of 12 games in each set. Hundreds of tennis balls “magically” vanish when falling into the audience over top of the figures.

Tennis balls are changed frequently by ball boys

Casual Tennis Player

Casual tennis players require two to three balls per game. During a simple match, one can is often used, so by the time the game is over, the balls move very differently from when it started. 

Professional Player

However, a professional athlete might require a fresh ball for each set. At a professional level, the game begins with six balls. 

These balls are replaced with six new balls after completing seven matches. The old or used balls are replaced with a package of six new balls in every nine games.

How Many Tennis Balls Are Used In Grand Slam Tournament 

The figure is astounding. However, if you break down how many balls are needed for each game, it becomes clear why more than 54,000 balls are utilized per tournament.

In addition, more than 237,000 balls are utilized in each Grand Slam competition. Four tennis tournament groups make up the Grand Slam, each using a different quantity of balls.

How Many Tennis Balls Are Used In The Australian Open?

Around 48,000 balls are typically used in a tennis match during an Australian Open event. Due to the several tennis matches that were played, there were a lot of balls.

Like earlier tournaments, each game begins with six balls, replaced after the initial seven matches and again after the ninth game.

Dunlop AO balls are a popular brand for the renowned Australian Open tournament. Many people believe that the Dunlop ball is the official trademark of this Australian Open.

How Many Tennis Balls Are Used In A Match At Wimbledon? 

Every year, the Wimbledon tennis championship uses more than 54,000 balls over all courts. Although the amount may seem excessive, 54,000 is a respectable average considering Wimbledon’s high number of games played overall.

Remember that six balls must be used to begin a game; they are replaced after the initial seven games and later during each nine.

Roughly 675 matches are played at Wimbledon, according to statistics. The large number of matches explains the extensive consumption of Wimbledon balls.

The Dunlop ball brand frequently produces Wimbledon balls. Slazenger, the famous British sports manufacturer, makes Dunlop tennis balls.

Wimbledon Tournament

How Many Tennis Balls Are Used In The French Open?

A rough estimate of the total balls utilized in the French Open each year is about 65,000. Babolat balls were frequently used at the French Open. However, Wilson balls eventually took their place.

How Many Balls Are Used In A US Open Tennis Match?

Every year, over 70,000 balls are used in the famous US Open. Each match begins with six tennis balls because it is one competitive tournament; these are replaced after every first seven matches and each of the nine matches after that.

Considering that one US Open will feature more than 300 matches, an accurate estimate of the number of balls utilized is 70000. In addition, Wilson LAB’s balls are typically used at this tournament.

A US Open Match

How Many Tennis Balls Are Used In Junior Tennis Tournaments?

In a junior event, 2-3 balls are often given out at the start of the game. If everything goes according to plan, 3 balls might be added and used for a third set. The ball number utilized can also change.


 How Many Tennis Tournaments Are There In a Year?

Each year, the four biggest tennis tournaments are (in order of year): Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. These tournaments are organized by their national tennis associations.

These four tournaments are collectively known as the Grand Slam, and winning all four in the same year is the pinnacle of a player’s achievement.

Do Tennis Balls Have Different Weights?

The standard weight of all recreational and professional tennis balls is 56-59.4 grams (0.123-021 lbs) or 1.975-2.095 ounces. The mass of all tennis balls used for women and men is the same. They are exactly similar to those that are offered for sale in stores.

What Happens To Used Tennis Balls After A Match?

Just consider how many tennis balls would be wasted. Just count the number of used balls from the ATP, WTA, Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open, and US Open tournaments. There are far too many used balls.

Some balls will be utilized as giveaways by competitors to their followers, as furnishings tend to lessen the frequency of floor scuffing or as packaging that serves as one cushion.

Statistics show up to 98% of tennis balls are thrown away after playing. With almost no alternatives to recycling, the balls are sent to landfills, where they slowly decompose. 

However, some ideas for ​​​​recycling these balls were born. ISI Soles, a company based in Portugal, Felgueiras, specializing in producing shoe soles, has studied this problem. 

After many laboratory tests, the eco sole has been developed from recycled tennis balls. The tennis balls are ground in a crusher.

The used balls are utilized in a special way


How many tennis balls are used in a match? In a match, 6 balls are served at the beginning of each game. Furthermore, these balls will be altered in the next games, continually changing after 9 matches. 

Nearly 237,000 balls are used in Grand Slam Tournaments each year. Most old tennis balls could end through landfills, recycling facilities, and other locations.

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