Where Do Female Tennis Players Keep The Ball? Interesting Reveals That You May Not Know

When watching a tennis match, you will see many male and female players keep an extra ball in their bodies. It can be an obstacle for players when moving and serving the ball. This can be even harder for female players, who may wear skirts.

So, where do female tennis players keep the ball? How are their tennis outfits designed to support this habit? If you want to find the answer to these questions, keep reading this article, and we will show you how!

Reasons For Tennis Players Keeping Extra Balls In Pockets?

When doing the first serve, it’s often quicker and has a high chance of winning. However, if players have the wrong first serve, it will be considered a fault, and they will need to do the second serve. 

The time between two serves can delay the match, so the reason for keeping a spare ball in the pockets is to save time.

If the first serve fails, players will immediately take the ball out of their pockets and do the second serve without waiting. 

It is significantly helpful because during tournament play, ball girls and boys have to clean up the court by removing all loose balls, and players have to call for another ball for the second service.

Another reason for this action is that players want to reduce the probability of getting injured by spare balls rolling across the court in casual matches. After players fail the first service, their opponent frequently catches the ball and puts it in their pockets so that the court is clear of loose balls.

Do Women Keep Multiple Balls On Them Like Men?

Like male tennis players, female players keep an extra ball in their shirts’ or shorts’ pockets to save time when the first serve is a fault. In competitions, professional players only serve with two balls. Neither more nor less.

Therefore, the maximum number of spare balls they keep is two. Carrying a lot of balls in the pocket increases the risk that one may drop out and derail the argument.

Women’s tennis skirts or shorts are designed to look stylish and hold one to two extra balls, so it’s normal for female players to keep as many balls as men do.

Where Do Female Tennis Players Keep The Ball? 

1. Shorts Pockets

Tennis Outfits Often Have Shorts Pockets

Many female players feel uncomfortable wearing skirts and dresses, so they choose to wear shorts like male players. However, many female tennis shorts are designed with pants inside. These underwear pants always come with deep pockets, which serve as tennis ball holders for additional balls.

The shorts pockets players choose to wear for a tennis match should be sufficiently deep to contain the ball and prevent it from sliding off while playing. When the ball falls out of the pockets and rolls across the court, players will have a high chance of being injured, and the match will be delayed.

2. Tucked Under Spandex

Tennis Skirts Usually Come With Spandex Layers

Female tennis players, who often play in skirts or dresses, frequently like donning some spandex. This elastic inner spandex significantly supports players when tucking a tennis ball.

Even when players’ movements are robust and powerful, the spandex keeps the ball in place without slipping off and affecting the whole match. The only way to release the ball is when the players take it out of the spandex.

Because spandex holds spare balls efficiently, it’s widely used for tennis skirts and dresses.

3. Tennis Ball Holder

A Tennis Ball Holder Wraps Around The Player’s Waist

Female players also use a tennis ball holder to keep extra balls around their waist. There are several different types of tennis ball holders, including a tennis ball band and a bag that holds tennis balls.

A tennis ball holder is made with a circular band wrapping around the player’s waist and often has a bag extension. The main purpose of this bag is to extend outward to retain the ball.

Before using the holder in official matches, players should check it while practicing to ensure it is comfortable and fit to wear. Moreover, the holder needs to be designed tightly to keep the ball in place efficiently during fast movements.

Best Way Tennis Skirts Hold Tennis Balls

Tennis Skirts Hold Balls With The Support Of Underwear Shorts

As mentioned above, most tennis skirts are not only skirts. Instead, they include specialist tennis undergarments inside that can grip the ball. These inner pants are often spandex shorts with pockets. Manufacturers design them with pockets and make them fitted so players can keep the ball inside.

These inner pants or spandex layers serve many functions for female players, such as concealing them from being exposed during a windy match, making them comfortable, and holding the ball tightly.

Your Tennis Skirts Holding Spare Balls While Not In Use? 

In practice, the expanding pockets equipped inside the skirt undershorts’ are where players keep the balls. These pockets hold multiple balls while they are in use. However, it’s advisable that players only keep up to two balls in their pockets.

The pockets are deep and tight enough to carry the balls in place, and they’re more efficient when made of spandex, an elastic fabric.


What Do Tennis Players Wear Under Skirt? 

Tennis Players Can Wear Underwear Pants Under Skirts

Nowadays, female tennis players are free to choose whatever to wear under their skirts or shorts in tennis matches. In reality, they usually wear shorts or skirts that resemble spandex with pockets.

These are cozy and useful, and they ensure their safety when they do intense tennis serves. Female players can carry multiple balls in shorts and dresses with these flexible pockets.

Do Tennis Skirts Have Pockets In Them?

Tennis skirts rarely have pockets in the outer fabric, but almost modern ones are equipped with spandex undershorts sewn with skirts or dresses. These spandex shorts come with pockets that are the right size for the tennis ball. This inner spandex layer helps female players hold extra balls efficiently.

What Happens If A Ball Falls Out Of Pocket During A Tennis Match? 

Players Have To Prevent Extra Balls From Falling Out Of Their Pockets

The tennis rules define a ball dropping out of the pockets as an impediment. Your rival can only ask for interference if the ball falls out of your pockets. It means you have no right to do that.

When adversaries assert that the ball in your pocket is an obstruction, they can request to replay the current point.

Are All Tennis Skirts Holding Balls?

The majority of modern tennis skirts have an inner spandex layer with pockets that helps keep the balls, although they do not provide direct outer pockets. But, some tennis skirts don’t come with both outer pockets and inner spandex shorts, making it impossible to hold spare balls.

 Are Tennis Skirts With Shorts Underneath Or Not?

Many Modern Tennis Skirts Provide Underwear Shorts

Most women’s tennis dresses and skirts provide built-in compression shorts. These shorts offer players greater flexibility and confidence while moving and reaching the ball since they make the dress less exposed if they blow up. 

Moreover, underneath shorts, which can hold balls inside, often appear in today’s tennis skirts.

Why Must Female Tennis Players Tuck Their Skirts?

A common reason that female tennis players often tuck their skirts is that they don’t have pockets. As said, some tennis dresses or skirts don’t provide outer pockets or inner spandex shorts, making them incapable of carrying balls. That’s why they tuck the ball in their skirts to keep it in place.

Further, creasing the skirt prevents it from blowing up if the weather on match day is windy. If the weather is hot and sunny, players will crease their skirts to cool off their body’s temperature and feel more comfortable.

Besides, this action can be an accident that even players are unaware of. 

What Do Female Tennis Players Wear Under Their Shorts?

Female tennis players can wear whatever they want under their shorts, such as spandex with pockets to hold the ball. In the cold season, many players choose tights or leggings to keep their legs warm and prevent them from reducing their body’s temperature.

Why Do Tennis Players Put Towel On Legs?

Tennis players will sweat too much in intense matches like Wimbledon or in the summer when the temperature is high. It’s very unpleasant when they’re playing an important game. Therefore, using towels on their legs will help wipe out drops of sweat and cool them off.


Where do female tennis players keep the ball? The article revealed that female tennis players often have three ways to keep an extra tennis ball. They can keep it in their shorts pockets, tuck it under the spandex, or use a tennis ball holder.

Each player chooses a different method, depending on their preferences and comfortability. Modern tennis outfits are frequently designed with inside tennis underwear or pockets that efficiently keep the ball, so players still feel comfortable wearing them. 

Whatever they choose, holding the ball with them is always common for continuous tee shots in tennis, and they will find the best way to do it.

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