Why Are Pickleball Paddles So Expensive? Discover The Price & Other Info

Pickleball is popular in many countries as you can play it indoors and outdoors. You can play singles and doubles even though your area is not too large, as a pickleball court requires less space than a tennis court. 

However, why are pickleball paddles so expensive? Is it a challenge for a newbie to play pickleball due to its pricey paddles? Don’t worry! This article will provide the reasons for these questions and related information about this sport. Let’s discuss the reasons why and find solutions for this issue!

Why Are Pickleball Paddles So Expensive?

High-Quality, Expensive Material

Why Are Pickleball Paddles So Expensive
Why Are Pickleball Paddles So Expensive

We all know that top-rated materials always come with a significantly different quality. Not only pickleball paddles, any playing tools for professional players usually have a higher price than others. High-quality materials increase the accuracy of the ball swinging while keeping the tools lightweight.

When people initially played pickleball, they often chose wooden paddles, as this material was the most popular, affordable, and easy to get then. Until now, manufacturers have discovered many new materials with better components and quality. So, they produced various pickleball paddles to serve different demands and budgets.

One of the most expensive substances is aluminum and carbon fiber. Car manufacturing is the field where carbon fiber is commonly used due to its lightweight characteristic. 

Pickleball paddles made of carbon fiber and aluminum are durable and less damaged over time, which is a key factor affecting players’ results. They will be weightless and 4 times stronger than others. 

However, the process of treating these components is difficult and requires modern technology. That’s why high-quality paddles are always more expensive than cheaper ones. 

Shape Design

Customized Paddles Are Unique And More Expensive

Another factor that increases the price of pickleball paddles is their shape. You may think the form is unimportant as it slightly changes among paddles. However, though changes are small, it still impacts the price. 

Pickleball paddle designers spend a lot of time creating various graphics and forming the paddles’ shapes and sizes. These parameters can be essential to the paddles’ weight, especially when you require the designer to create a unique shape for you. 

Undoubtedly, customized paddles are expensive. They are designed based on your hands’ size, feel when holding them, and even your playing style. 

With these make-to-order paddles, you will feel more comfortable using them; perhaps, they’ll be your best companion on courts.

New Technology

Expensive Paddles Offer Better Performance

People have known about pickleball and played it for a short time compared to other sports. Thus, the revolution of this sports equipment is still changing. 

As mentioned above, manufacturers have found new materials and fibers in designing paddles. So, producers also have to research, explore, develop, and test new technologies to treat these materials precisely to keep their great quality.

For example, Vanguard Power is one of the greatest and most expensive brands in the pickleball paddle world, which is sold at $150 for pairs. When researching deeply into the materials and technologies inside, you will see they are combined with multiple latest technologies, including Vanguard Neo Grip, X6 poly core, Edgesentry edge guard, and Quadra Carbon Plus. 

The brands spend a lot of money inventing new technology to produce the greatest and most unique pickleball paddles. The newest technology can significantly enhance your game and make your arms more comfortable. 

Therefore, if you want to invest in expensive paddles to improve your match, choose the ones made of the most modern technologies.

Brand Name

Onix Is A Famous and Pricey Brand In The Pickleball Market

The final factor that pushes up pickleball paddles’ price is the brand reputation. Reputable brands are often more costly because they inspire trust and quality commitment to customers or monopolize advanced technologies through a long history. 

Like Nike and other famous sports brands, building brand awareness brings a lot of public recognition and further success. Also, when brands become more well-known, they frequently change the price. 

Many renowned pickleball paddle manufacturers, such as Paddletek, Gamma, and Onix, increase the price after gaining a certain reputation. Changing the price also helps the brands compete with other rivals in the market, improving quality and providing better services.

That’s the reason why nowadays, the price of pickleball paddles varies dramatically. We know that lesser-known brands still offer players great-quality paddles, but everything has a price.

Is It Expensive To Play Pickleball?

Pickleball Is For Everyone

Pickleball is an affordable sport perfect for everyone. All you need are shoes and a mid-priced paddle, about $70. You can wear whatever shoes you have, as long as they are sports shoes designed for fitness workouts. 

Purchasing shoes and pickleball equipment costs about $80 for one time, which is reasonable for anyone. With all the health benefits of pickleball, it is worth the price and becomes a good activity to play in a group or couple.

How Important Are Expensive Pickleball Paddles?

Expensive pickleball paddles are important, especially in professional matches. They are made of advanced technologies and high-quality fibers, providing players with many advantages. For example, a weightless and resilient paddle will help you keep stable in your ball swinging for a long time.

Besides, they also give you a smoother grip, stronger shots, and superior form. If you attend competitive games and tournaments, consider investing in a pricey paddle to achieve the best result.

Are Expensive Pickleball Paddles Truly Essential?

Pickleball Paddles Are Not Always Pricey

Pickleball is an affordable sport, so don’t force yourself to get expensive paddles. They can be pricey, but only for those who decide to play this sport for years and become professionals. 

If you often play pickleball with your family and friends in your municipal society, getting expensive paddles is not necessary. Many players use their cheap paddles to practice until they become successful and participate in professional matches.

What Is The Affordable Price Of A Pickleball Paddle? 

There are many options for affordable pickleball paddles, ranging from $10 to $150. You can choose the right paddles depending on your demand, budget, level, and frequency. If you’re an amateur player or do not play it regularly, getting a durable hardwood paddle between $35 and $50 is advisable.

For advanced levels, we recommend purchasing a more costly paddle as it’s one of the key factors determining your result in important games. The price is higher and often varies from $80 to $120 for each paddle, but you can use it for the long term.

How Much Should You Pay for a Pickleball Paddle?

It is not easy to calculate the actual money you should pay for a pickleball paddle. It depends on your goals and financial situation. Even if you play pickleball as a leisure activity, you should invest at least $35-$50 on paddles. Professional players even spend more on paddles since they greatly impact their performance.

Tips On How To Find A High-Quality Paddle Within Your Budget

Searching For Feedback Is A Great Way To Get A Good Paddle

First, you should find paddles made of good materials and standard technologies. These paddles will not cost much, but you need to ask the retailer carefully to choose the right one.

Besides listening to retailers, you should check on reliable online retail chains like Amazon or eBay. You can see many reviews about it, including positive and negative opinions. This way will help you decide more easily and precisely.


Is Pickleball An Expensive Sport?

Pickleball is a perfect sport for any age because it’s easier and cheaper to approach than other racquet sports. Playing pickleball does not require a large court. Instead, you can find smaller courts or areas in your community. 

These local courts are often free or hired at an affordable price, while pickleball paddles and balls are inexpensive, so everyone can play comfortably.

Are All Pickleball Paddles Expensive?

Like other items, pickleball paddles have different ranges of price. If you want to get reasonably-price paddles, you have many options, and vice versa. 

Most importantly, you should find the ones suitable for your needs and budget. Price is not always the most important factor when purchasing pickleball paddles.

Are Expensive Pickleball Paddles Better Than Cheap Paddles?

Undoubtedly, expensive and high-quality pickleball paddles have greater performance. They are often lighter and more durable than the cheaper ones, so swinging a ball with pricey paddles is more accurate and flexible.

However, if you’re a beginner or only play it in your spare time, spending a lot on purchasing expensive paddles may be unnecessary.


Why are pickleball paddles so expensive? Pickle paddles are often costly because of their top-quality material, modern technology, shape, and brand name. Brand name plays a key role in determining the value of the paddles. However, playing pickleball does not mean you need super expensive paddles.

Many affordable paddles have a good material suitable for regular playing and practicing. Focus on the paddles’ quality within the range of $50 is a great start for new players. When you reach a higher level, you can spend more to purchase the pricey ones.

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