Why Do Tennis Players Wear Skirts?

Everyone enjoying tennis for years has seen a significant change in clothing. The days of practically every tennis player wearing predominantly white, traditional dress are long gone. 

As you may be aware, most female tennis players wear skirts nowadays even though alternative clothing options are accessible. So people are figuring out, “Why do tennis players wear skirts?”

Let’s discover a deeper look at why females choose to wear skirts despite the availability of other options.

Why Do Female Tennis Players Wear Skirts?

Why Do Tennis Players Wear Skirts?
Why Do Tennis Players Wear Skirts?

There is no clear reason for why female tennis players wear skirts. There are several causes, but they all boil down to two.


Pants allow you flexibility, although your legs are a little constrained. Your legs are not clothed when wearing skirts. You may move freely without concern of damaging your clothes.

However, there is the possibility that others can see what is going on beneath a skirt. Many people use spandex or other shorts to give cover while allowing this garment to move freely.

Fashion and femininity

Besides comfort and performance, a skirt provides charm and attractiveness that a pair of shorts cannot. A skirt may be dressed up or down, traditional, elegant, preppy, or fresh and trendy. 

Women will discover the perfect skirt, making them look great on the court in various colors and styles. This fashion is also a performance point since you will likely play confidently when you feel well.

With a skirt, you can do two functions at once: improve your fashion sense while improving your tennis skill. Off the court, the tennis skirt seems just as fantastic as it does. 

Do Female Tennis Players Have To Wear Skirts? 

It’s significant to emphasize that experienced tennis athletes putting on skirts in 2022 do so voluntarily. No regulation in tennis requires women to wear dresses in tournaments. They could participate in shorts or leggings, but they have chosen to take part in a skirt, a piece of apparel that ties them to tennis tradition while yet being distinctly modern.

Even Wimbledon is known for featuring a more traditional approach to tennis gear; its rule only requires all competitors to wear a white uniform. Colors are allowed on players’ outfits, but only on the neckline, cuffs, and bottom of any pair of trousers, skirts, blouses, or dress.

What Is The Purpose Of A Tennis Skirt?

Unfortunately, there are no other significant female sports in which skirts are worn regularly. It’s highly distinctive to the jokes, and being a bit unusual is a badge of honor.

Tennis skirts have been worn for many years, so nobody thinks twice about it at the professional level or even at their regional tennis club. If you do it with softball, you’ll get some strange looks. Tennis players welcome the distinction, providing a unique method to play a sport with a fashionable appearance.

What Makes The Skirt So Popular? 

There are two reasons why skirts are becoming more and more popular.

Comfort Feeling

Skirts are at ease. Most ladies will put spandex beneath their dresses for a complete range of motion. The skirt fits well and does not obstruct movement.

Many lengths are regarded as fashionable right now, but most will be around mid-thigh. Anything longer may become limiting when moving about on the tennis courts.

Sponsored Activities

Skirt from Nike

Tennis is an attractive audience for undercover marketing due to its popularity among sports that are performed outdoors. Many businesses contact athletes in tennis and make money incentives in return for simply wearing their apparel during a match. 

However, the skirt will not be the only area where the sponsor’s logo will be visible. Athletes commonly wear sponsor-branded T-shirts, shirts, hats, and even socks.

The History Of The Tennis Skirt 

Female tennis players have been sporting skirts on the court since the beginning of tennis. They have evolved in length, color, and style but are still classified as skirts.

Ladies used to wear full-length gowns and even corsets in the early days of tennis; women frequently struggled to move or breathe in costumes that, by contemporary standards, were entirely unsuitable for sport. 

Suzanne Lenglen

However, Lenglen, an iconic fashion designer and a professional tennis player, illustrated how free and agile you can be when playing tennis. That was the first time a top female tennis player focused only on performance, disregarding freedom from the clothes that society required women to be sporting in public, even when competing.

The Evolution Of The Tennis Skirt

Tennis skirts have been less lengthy in the decades since the 1920s. Yet, during the 1970s and 1980s, there was little experimentation with colors and styles.

The modification was influenced by larger social and fashion developments and what ladies wear outside the court, partly because a shorter skirt is simpler to maneuver in. Innovative fabrics and technology have also contributed to the comfort of dresses.

Skirts are lighter, stretchier, and more permeable, with wicks away moisture technology that keeps you cool on hot days and throughout tough bouts.

The Future Of The Tennis Skirt 

The proportion of people who prefer skirts to other clothing alternatives is unclear; nonetheless, it has decreased over time. There are more possibilities than ever for ladies wishing to play tennis and experience ease on the court.

Thus, the number of individuals wearing skirts will certainly decrease. Today, the three main options for females playing tennis are shorts, skirts, or full dresses. Despite the fact everybody has an option, many individuals still wear skirts. Nobody thinks skirts will go away in a hurry.

Tennis will pay close attention to this for a long time to follow. Skirts are now quite comfortable due to developments in garment gadgets, and designers will keep coming out with fashionable new styles. 


Do All Tennis Skirts Have Shorts Under? 

Yes. Compression shorts are integrated into most women’s tennis skirts and dresses. This mixture is due to several factors. The tight-fitting shorts provide more flexibility of movement while also ensuring that the skirt does not disclose too much if it flips up while playing a shot. Some compression shorts feature pockets where players may store their extra tennis balls during playing.

Why Do Female Tennis Players Wear Skirts And Not Shorts?

Women who play tennis do not wear shorts because skirts provide them with more comfort and elegance. You can wear skirts or shorts to complement your outfit as long as you are comfortable doing so. However, you must obey if the game officials provide certain clothes the participants must wear. 

Can Female Players Wear Shorts At Wimbledon? 

Certainly yes. Female tennis players are allowed to wear shorts to Wimbledon within reason, so they continue to obey the dress code of white. Non-white trim is permitted at the bottom of the shorts leg and underneath the outer seam.

Why Are Tennis Skirts So Short?

For this reason, the shorter the skirt, the more freedom of movement there is. If dresses reach small micro lengths (typically 25 cm or fewer), the mobility of movement is exceptional.

Can Female Tennis Players Wear Leggings? 

A Female Tennis Players Wear Leggings

Oh, yes, they can wear leggings. The new regulation allows athletes to don leggings and midsection compression pants without requiring a skirt or dress. This rule is identical to the supportive tights rule, except the tight must be mid-length.

Do Female Tennis Players Have To Wear Skirts At Wimbledon?

No. The sole requirement is that all contestants wear a white uniform. Colors are permitted on players’ clothes but only on the neckline, cuffs, and bottom of any pair of pants, skirts, shirts, or dresses.

Why Do Female Tennis Players Wear The Same Outfit Throughout A Tournament? 

Most players choose their clothing at the beginning of the season and wear it to most events during the tournament. They each have their unique brand, and wearing the same costume throughout the game helps to boost brand awareness. 

Tennis athletes additionally have clothing sponsors that rely on the players’ brand awareness to generate attention to their clothing line.

What Do Female Tennis Players Wear Under Their Skirts?

Female gamers can now wear whatever they want underneath their dress or skirt. Generally, they will nearly invariably wear ball shorts with an inside pocket made of spandex. These are both comfy and functional. 

A ball short with an inside pocket made of spandex

Why Do Tennis Players Wear White?

The regulation originated in the nineteenth century for purely aesthetic reasons. Tennis was played at extremely formal events, and very noticeable sweat patches were considered impolite, especially for ladies at the time.

Therefore, white clothes became mandatory, and this custom is being observed at the London event today.


This blog gives all reasons to answer the question, why do tennis players wear skirts? Tennis clothing has grown into a wide range of functional and fashionable alternatives. 

For the reasons stated above, tennis skirts permit women to feel elegant and feminine missing being hindered in their motions. 

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