Why Should You Never Date A Tennis Player? – Funny Views About Tennis And Its Rules

Why should you never date a tennis player? This question may seem funny, but it raises many curiosities about this popular sport. Have you ever dated or thought of dating a tennis player? These reasons below may make you think twice! 

Remember that this is only our humorous views about this topic, and we don’t intend to ridicule any tennis player. Instead, we believe a hard-working tennis player is worth appreciating in many ways.

Besides, this article will show you the true meaning of love and zero in tennis, which can surprise you for its use in this sport. Now, let’s scroll down to explore!

Why Should You Never Date A Tennis Player?

Well, don’t take this so-called ‘advice’ so serious. Personally, I think this pun is really hilarious. “Love” is a term in tennis, which, oddly enough, doesn’t mean anything romantic as it is supposed to be in other cases. In stead, based on the scoring system in tennis, “love” has been used to represent a score of zero since the late 1800s. No one can say for sure about the reason why this word came to be used this special way, but according to a theory, players who’ve got zero points would still play for their “love for the game”.

“This is a pun. Strangely enough love is a tennis term that is used to describe having a score of zero, so love means nothing could mean either “they interpret the word love to mean zero” or “they do not value love”.


A Tennis Player Can Be An Egomaniac

Tennis players usually walk the thin line between independence and self-indulgence. Always defending themselves on the court, they get preoccupied with their own problems, which may affect their daily lives. 

They are so accustomed to working out, competing, and aiming for every win, which can push you to your endurance limit. This can make you feel lonely because they always put their needs beyond everything instead of caring about their partners’ desires.

Doubles tennis players are less egocentric as they play with their companions, which requires interpersonal understanding, tolerance, and sacrifice for the same goals.

However, there are many single tennis players who do not act that way. They’re good partners in both tennis courts and social relationships.

A Tennis Player Has No Time For You

A Tennis Player Is Usually Busy With Tournaments

If you go on a date with a strict tennis player, you’ll see that tennis dominates his entire life. The majority of tournaments and practice courses occur over weekdays and weekends, usually on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Serious and ambitious players won’t waste any second training themselves so that they may sacrifice the time with you for their career. Tennis is all they care about. After intense practice courses and matches, they’ll probably be too exhausted to get out of bed. A normal date with dinner may seem difficult for them to go on frequently.

They’re also extremely busy when tournaments come. At this time, they’ll only concentrate on tennis. Even when they’re not competing, they spend much time on the court improving their talents and building their body. 

A Tennis Player Has Many Enthusiastic Fans Fawning Over

Tennis Players Have A Lot Of Fans

For many women, seeing their partners surrounded by extreme female fans is not always comfortable, which is vice versa for men. This feeling is reasonable and does not mean they are selfish. Don’t assume you’ll be the one for them because they undoubtedly have plenty of options for dating. 

Moreover, many tennis fans have excessive actions and interventions in tennis players’ personal life. Like other fans, tennis fans always want to attract players, and they can do anything to catch their attraction. This can become immoderate and lead to many debates on social media, affecting tennis players’ lives.

So, if tennis fans understand what they should and should not do, partners of tennis players will be more thankful and happier. 

A Tennis Player Is A Hot Head

Not all tennis players are hot-tempered, but when dating one of them, you’ll probably meet a player with a hot head. They can insult the coach, swear at their rivals, or berate the linesman on the court. Many players have natural fierceness and fail to control their temper in their competition careers and relationships. 

Hot-tempered tennis players may never show you this side at first sight, and when you discover it, you will possibly regret your choice. This personality has been built for years, and it’s difficult to change how they behave. 

If you date a tennis player with a hot head, you will have to control your emotions and be tolerant, but this relationship is hard to maintain for a long time.

You May Not Be The Most Important One To A Tennis Player

Tennis Players Always Prioritize Their Career First

Obviously, most tennis players worship tennis as the goal of their life. They live, compete, practice tennis, and even sleep and dream about being a tennis champion. Even when you date them, you cannot replace the number one of tennis in their heart.

Instead, you can share this ambition with them and cherish their hard work to be a great player. Of course, the players also have to know when they should spend time with their partner and when to focus on tennis. 

Arranging rational schedules for social relationships and career is necessary for all of us. Still, it’s more vital for those with a strict and busy timetable, like players and athletes.

Why Is Zero Love In Tennis?

Because Zero Love Means Egg

The Original Score In Tennis Is Called “Love All”

When a match starts, the score is set to zero-zero, and “love all” in a tennis match. The explanation is that the shape of the number zero is round, which looks similar to an egg. And the term “egg” in French is called “l’oeuf.” If you repeat this word quickly several times, it will sound much like “love.” 

Not just that, since at least 1867, when people began to play the first tennis match, the score zero is called “goose egg” on a scoreboard. So, this is one of the explanations for why we use zero love in tennis. 

Because Of Tennis Court’s Length 

A Tennis Court’s Length Is 90 Feet

In tennis, zero means love, and the way we count the points is different, which is 0, 15, 30, 40, and game, instead of 1, 2, 3, and 4 in other sports. In particular, you will win the game if you score a fourth point.

Why does tennis have this unique scoring system? Tennis courts are often measured 90 feet in length and have 45 feet on the net’s side. When players score the first point (equal zero or “love”), they can begin the next point from that spot by advancing 15 feet according to tennis rules. 

They will go up another 15 feet if they score the second point. However, if they achieve the next end (third point), they will stand 15 feet higher to avoid touching the net. Therefore, according to this concept, they will continue moving forward 10 feet.

Because Of Clock Movements

Reaching 15 Points Means The Players Win The First Point

Based on the clock movements, the second idea is the basis for the tennis scoring system. 15 and 30 are the quarter hours, while 45 is the progress point to win a tennis match. 

As said, the third point of a tennis match is only 40, so this idea is quite ambiguous and unreasonable. However, pronouncing forty-five (45) seems too long, so they make it easier by shortening it to 40.

You can say this explanation is still strained. However, inexperienced tennis players sometimes reduce “15” to “five” when shouting their points. Therefore, it is unsurprising that “45” is reduced to “40.” 

What Does Love Mean In Tennis?

“Love” Means Zero In Tennis

In the tennis scoring system, “love” is equal to 0. Tennis scoring differs from most other sports because it doesn’t proceed in a straight rule from one to three. 

For example, audiences will assume zero-zero before the game or match begins. That is accurate scoring in many sports. However, in a tennis match or set, we will call it “love-love” instead of “zero-zero.” If the players gain a point, the score will be 15-love, not 1-zero or 1-0.

The origin of “love” in tennis is not well-defined, and no one knows why people use this term commonly in this sport. Some people believe that even though the player is losing and gaining no score, he still plays passionately for the love of the match. And the term “love” is used in this case.

Besides love, there are many terms that appear uniquely in tennis. For example, a single point is 15, two are 30, and three are 40. Deuce is also popular in tennis, meaning “even at three points.” 

The phrase “all” indicates when the score is tied at one or two points, such as 30-all.


Why should you never date a tennis player? We’ve listed some reasons why you should not date a tennis player. A tennis player has to spend a lot of time practicing, so you may not have enough time with them. Remember that not all tennis players have these characteristics. You should only consider this article a funny source to understand them from different viewpoints.

Besides, you will understand the correct meaning of zero love in tennis, representing the joy of playing this sport and more. Hopefully, you will find this article interesting and funny to discuss some things about tennis!

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